Fell initial A significant amount of data was researched and gathered in order to aid in the writing of The History of Oxford University Press. This information provides useful reference material for further research. Click on the links below to browse these datasets.

Lists of Press officers

Printers to the University, 1585-1989
Secretaries to the Delegates, 1868-present
Publishers to the University, 1883-1980

Annual Lists of Titles (ALT)

Introduction to the Annual List of Titles

ALT CORE 1701-1780  ALT CONTEXT 1701-1780

ALT CORE 1781-1860  ALT CONTEXT 1781-1860

ALT CORE 1861-1896  ALT CONTEXT 1861-1896

ALT CORE 1897-1930  ALT CONTEXT 1897-1930

ALT CORE 1931-1950