ELOW is a list of useful links from Oxford University Press Archive

Oxford Archives
This site contains information about other archives in Oxford.

The Bodleian Library
The collections at the Bodleian Library in Broad Street, Oxford, include personal papers from individuals associated with the Press, including James Murray.

Oxfordshire Record Office
OUP holds very little information about its printers before the 20th century, and is not a major resource for genealogy. If you are researching an Oxford printer who was a part of your family's history, please contact the Oxfordshire Record Office in Cowley, Oxford.

Centre for Oxfordshire Studies
This is the local studies library in Oxford and it houses books on the history of Oxford and the University, as well as a large collection of photographs, maps and plans of the area. It is also a major centre for family history.

St. Bride Library
St. Bride Library is a printing and graphic arts library in Fleet Street, London, with a large collection of books and artefacts related to printing history.

The National Archives
The National Archives now includes a wealth of resources, including the National Register of Archives which allows you to search online for the location of many personal and corporate records in the UK.