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Members of our Translations Team attend the Frankfurt and London Book Fairs and will be delighted to meet with you to discuss book and Oxford Journal Content.

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Favourite Choice - "Your Genes, Your Health: A Critical Family Guide That Could Save Your Life"

New advances in genetics have dramatically expanded our ability to avoid, prevent, diagnose, and treat a wide range of disorders. Now, more than ever, families need to know about these new discoveries, especially as there are some 7,000 rare genetic diseases that afflict about 1 in 12 of us.

In this work, Aubrey Milunsky provides an invaluable and authoritative guide to what you should know about your genes. Illustrated with poignant family histories that underscore the lifesaving importance of knowing one's family medical history and ethnic origin, the book highlights the importance of recognizing seemingly unrelated disorders in a family as due to the same gene mutation and it outlines the key genetic tests needed for diagnosis, detection of carriers, and prenatal diagnosis. Many genetic disorders are discussed including cancer, heart disease, autism, mental illness, birth defects, neurologic disorders, diabetes, obesity and much more.

The Message is clear - know your feamily history, be cognizant of your ethnic origins, seek appropriate consultations, and opt for meaningful genetic tests.

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Taylor - The Brain Supremacy Burlingame - The Music of James Bond Clapham - Brierly's Law of Nations

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Scerri - The Periodic Table Oliver - The Oxford Companion to Beer Robin - Reactionary Mind

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Publishing Companies If you are already considering a particular text for your publishing programme, it is useful to let us know some basic details; Full reference for the work (author, full title, ISBN and year of publication), initial print run, estimated local retail price, target publication date, some background information about your company and how you propose to sell and market the work.

If you are interested in acquiring translation rights to any of our titles, then please contact the Translations Team via the following email address:Translations Mailbox


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