What is Oxford Reference?

Oxford Reference can tell you almost anything about everything!

This vast collection of subject dictionaries, reference books, and award winning Oxford Companions and encyclopedias, offers over 1.4 million facts and definitions, many of them illustrated.

From food and drink to science fiction, the range of subjects covered is enormous! Oxford Reference also contains bilingual dictionaries and a range of English dictionaries and thesauruses.

How do I use it?
  • Search across the whole of Oxford Reference with the click of a button!
  • Find out the meaning of everything – from astronomy to zoology, Oxford Reference has every aspect covered
  • Topical timelines guide you through the historical development of a range of subjects – from the ancient world to British prime ministers
  • What’s in a name? From Diddlebury to Ullock, the name dictionaries in Oxford Reference tell you the meanings behind the names of people and places
  • Improve your geography – explore the whole globe with illustrated maps and flags
  • Who said that? (and when and why!) – dive into a wealth of quotations to find out the answer
For video tutorials and more information about using Oxford Reference, please click here

How do I access it?
Your local public library can give you access within the library, or from home, at the website www.oxfordreference.com. Simply type in your library card number into the log in box on the website to access the resource.

For librarians
How do I promote it?
We have a number of ways to help you get the most out of Oxford Reference, all available via the Librarian Resource Centre, and all free of charge!

  • Free promotional materials
  • Short introductory PowerPoints
  • Live online training sessions
  • Recorded sessions from the training team
  • Download logos and banners
  • Quizzes
  • Training fact sheets (with ideas for training sessions)
  • Usage statistics
  • MARC records
Find all this and more at our page for librarians.

Our training team are happy to visit libraries for in-house, group sessions – just get in touch at library.marketing@oup.com


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