What is Oxford Dictionaries?

Oxford Dictionaries provides up-to-date online English dictionaries, thesauruses, and writing guidance from the world’s most trusted dictionaries.

It offers quick-search access to definitions of words, phrases, and idioms, with expert guidance on style, usage, grammar, and spelling; plus specialist guides for job applications, CVs, legal, and technical writing.

Essential for writers, copyeditors, business professionals, linguists, academics, teachers, students, and non-native speakers.

How do I use it?
  • Updated four times a year with the most current meanings and the latest new words
  • Unsurpassed content offering more than 350,000 entries and definitions and 600,000 synonyms and antonyms
  • Help for creating the perfect CV, business letter, or covering letter for job applications
  • Link to the OxfordWords blog and follow on Twitter @OxfordWords
Language resources
  • Use the Vocabulary Builder to enrich creative writing
  • Comprehensive Writing Skills including grammar and punctuation where good writing starts, style and usage to write effectively and create the right impression, and quick spelling tips
  • Specialist dictionaries for writers and editors include New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors and Garner's Dictionary of Legal Usage
  • Click the icon to hear how a word is pronounced
  • 1.9 million extra example sentences showing words as they are really used in today's English Thesaurus
  • Find synonyms for the specific sense of a word in the dictionary
  • Quick search thesaurus
For more information about using Oxford Dictionaries, please click here

How do I access it?
Your local public library can give you access within the library, or from home, at the website http://www.oxforddictionaries.com. Simply type in your library card number into the log in box on the website to access the resource.

For librarians
How do I promote it?
We have a number of ways to help you get the most out of Oxford Dictionaries Pro, all available via the Librarian Resource Centre, and all free of charge!

  • Free promotional materials
  • Short introductory PowerPoints
  • Live online training sessions
  • Recorded sessions from the training team
  • Download logos and banners
  • Quizzes
  • Training fact sheets (with ideas for training sessions)
  • Usage statistics
  • MARC records
Find all this and more at our page for librarians.

Our training team are happy to visit libraries for in-house, group sessions – just get in touch at library.marketing@oup.com


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