From posters and PowerPoints to training tools, quizzes, and widgets, we have a number of ways to help you promote your online resources from OUP - all completely free of charge.

The monthly newsletters include links to free content for you to share with your users, social media tips and tricks, as well as the very latest updates to your online resources.

Contact us to sign up to the newsletter!

The content is great for sharing through your social media channels, and library newsletters, to drive users and increase traffic to the sites. They also include “copy & paste” tweets and templates for you to paste directly into your Social Media accounts.

UK Public Libraries Newsletters:

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The quiz is a great way to get your patrons to engage with the resource. All UK public library members can enter, and have the chance to win an iPod shuffle or £50 worth of books!

The quiz changes every 2 months, but the link will always stay the same, so you can put it on your website too.

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To help you promote online resources from Oxford in your institution, we offer a range of promotional materials for librarians to download or order free of charge!

Simply email us at to request printed copies to be sent directly to you.

Materials for Public Libraries: Materials for each of your resources:

Resource-specific materials can be found on the Librarian Resource Centre. Click the link below to see the full range, and order these in exactly the same way by emailing us at

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  • Short introductions – ready-made PowerPoint slides for a 5 minute introduction to the online resource
  • Quizzes – share these quizzes with your users on social media, or print out for the library, or test your own knowledge!
  • Live demos – see the schedule and sign up to join in with our live product demonstrations from our expert trainers
  • Recorded demos – in-depth product demonstrations from our experts, available to download and view at any time
  • Training presentation notes – training guides and notes, fact sheets, suggested searches, and more
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Coming soon: Social Media tips for librarians

In the meantime, sign up to our UK Public Libraries Newsletter, which includes a regular section on “Promoting via Social Media” news, or visit the newsletter archive to see past issues for more ideas!

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