Baylis and Smith Prize

Founded in 2005, the Baylis and Smith prize was established to celebrate the continuing success of The Globalization of World Politics and to reward outstanding first year politics and international relations students. The prize - £150 worth of Oxford University Press books - is awarded to the student judged to have written the best first year essay on international politics.

In creating and supporting this prize, OUP is delighted to be able to give something back to students excelling in a subject that is becoming ever important in our rapidly changing world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my university take part?

Lecturers interested in making the Baylis and Smith available to their students should first consult their colleagues to decide how the prize would be best used. The prize is only awarded to each institution once annually, so it is important that there is a consensus within the department about the criteria for awarding the prize before any nominations are submitted.

How are the winners chosen?

Winners are chosen entirely at the discretion of the individual department. The prize can be awarded to any first year politics or international relations student who the individual department considers to have written the best essay on international politics. The essay can be written for course work or as part of an examination. If departments prefer, the prize can be split between two exceptional students. The prize is awarded to each institution once annually in either the first or second semester, depending on the preference of the institution.

What do I do once I've picked my winner?

Once you've picked the name of your winner please contact us at

The winning student will be sent a letter congratulating them on their achievement and explaining how they can claim their prize. This can be sent either direct to the student's address or care of the university - whichever is preferred.

They then choose books from the OUP Politics and Social Science catalogue to the value of £150 that will be dispatched to the student, or to the university, if you would prefer to formally present the student with their prize.

If you require the books to be delivered by a specific date then you should aim to provide us with the name of your winner at least four weeks in advance. This will give us the time to contact the student, for them to make their choice of books, and for the prize to be delivered.

How do I register my university's interest in the prize?

All you have to do is let us know the name of the winner along with their postal address and that you which the student to be awarded the Baylis and Smith prize for your institution. If you would like your winning student to be contacted care of the university, simply provide the departmental address.

If you have any further questions about the Baylis and Smith prize, please contact us.


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