One of the most prestigious and popular mooting competitions in the UK, the OUP and BPP National Mooting Competition offers undergraduate law and GDL students the opportunity to practise and perfect their advocacy skills.

Round four of the 2014-2015 competition announced

8 teams have started preparing for their round four moots. Is your law school one of them? Find out all about round four here.

Missed the 2013-2014 competition final?

Find out all about the last night of the 2013-2014 competition, including which four law schools were competing for the top prize and which team were crowned champions. Read the report.

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Important information for teams

Important information for mooters
Get familiar with the schedule for the 2014-2015 competition and 'exchanging explained'.

Essential Reading

Essential reading for mooters
Stay one step ahead with these top skills textbooks from Oxford.


What is mooting?
All you need to know, including how to prepare for and how to organise a moot.


Rules of the competition
These rules form the basis for the OUP and BPP National Mooting Competition.

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