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What is it that really excites and interests your students?

  • Reading first hand what skills top marketers really look for in graduates?
  • Debating the benefits of using shock and fear appeals in advertising?
  • Discovering how to use social networking sites to successfully market a product?

Then take this opportunity to present students with marketing examples and issues from real life situations guaranteed to excite and stimulate. Packed full of case studies from international organizations such as Innocent, Orange, HMV, and Oxfam, students can hear first hand what top marketers actually do and how they tackle the decisions they have to make.

Students will learn the theory that supports those skills vital to successfully engaging with marketing across all areas of society, from dealing with sceptical consumers, selling products to the government, and deciding which pricing approach to adopt, through to the ethical implications of marketing to children, and being aware of how to use social networking sites to their advantage.

Opening quotation mark The insights are very good contemporary and relevant

Matthew Wood, University of Brighton Closing quotation mark

Case Insights Case Insights

Case Insights start each chapter, and are based on an interview with a real marketing practitioner from a real organisation Read more...

Practitioner Insights Practitioner Insights

Video interviews with practitioners linked to the case insights Read more...

Market Insights Market Insights

Provide insights into an aspect of a company's marketing, followed by three questions Read more...

Academic Insights Academic Insights

Guest lectures for each chapter of the book

Research Insights Research Insights

Reference a seminal paper, and explain why it is important Read more...

MARKETING | BAINES, FILL & PAGE | DECEMBER 2010 | 792 PAGES | 978-0-19-957961-7 | PAPERBACK | £41.99

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