General Information and Policies for CD-ROMs

Registered Users Privileges

Each software package contains a User Registration Card to be filled in and returned to OUP (Freepost in the UK). This is the only way to register your software but you may fax or scan the card as an email attachment and send it to us. Registered users will receive free technical support, as well as invitations to upgrade, and information about forthcoming products.

Upgrade Procedure

Registered users are invited to purchase certain software titles they already own at a discounted price. Users who are not registered may not be offered such discounts.

Replacement Disks

If a CD-ROM becomes damaged it may be replaced on receipt of the damaged CD for a fee of £25. This service is limited to one replacement disc per registered customer, per title. Regrettably, lost or stolen discs cannot be replaced.

Second-hand Titles

OUP software licences are non-transferable, which means that if the software is purchased second-hand, customer support will not be offered.

Technical Support

Technical Support is offered free to registered customers for the platforms specified in the System Requirements for that title. Support is available for the life of the title and then for up to 12 months after a title is discontinued. After this time, customers are still able to access the Product Support web pages via the 'Discontinued CD-ROMs' section.
The information and policies may not apply in the United States, as OUP USA are responsible for Customer Service and Technical Support in the US. Their contact details are provided on the 'Contact Us' page.