Marketing activities

Below you will find an overview of some of our typical marketing activities. Your marketing manager will prepare a marketing plan tailored to the level, subject area, and content of your book, ensuring that we effectively target the right customer groups.

We regularly commission market research to investigate what impacts book-buying habits and ensure this drives our marketing strategy.

Direct mail

Direct mail is one of the most effective ways of marketing your book to potential purchasers. Our direct mail programme includes annual subject catalogues, targeted leaflets for individual titles or clusters of related titles, bulletins tailored to the needs of the book trade and the library community, and much more.

We believe that the quality of our direct mail reflects the prestige of Oxford's publishing and invest a significant amount of resource in every catalogue or leaflet we produce, most of which are in full colour. The breadth of our publishing and our mailing programme means we are able to market your book to every community that may find it relevant or of interest - including academics, professionals, librarians, booksellers, and general readers across a range of subject areas.

Online marketing

We have an extensive online marketing programme which runs alongside, and complements our printed direct mail.

We regularly carry out targeted email campaigns for both individual titles and clusters of books by subject or series., whilst our opt-in e-news service allows subscribers to receive regular information on new OUP books and services in their areas of interest.

All our books have their own page in the online catalogue on our website, which might include descriptive text, author information, table of contents, bibliographic information, sample chapters, and links to institutional or author homepages. We offer a full online ordering service with delivery direct to the customer from our own warehouse.

OUP's contacts and mailings database

Much of our direct marketing starts with our database. We hold an extensive database of over half a million customers, authors, academic contacts, trade customers, and libraries. Our marketing services team work hard to ensure that the database is up-to-date and that we have as much information as possible about the interests of each contact. Accurate information means we can make certain that any mailing we carry out is as targeted as possible and reaches people most likely to buy our books. As a result of such targeted mailings, and our quick and efficient ordering service, we have a loyal customer base, who have continued to purchase books from us over many years.

Conference & exhibitions programme

OUP exhibits at a large number of conferences worldwide. We attend as many as we can ourselves, but when not attending in person, we can often ensure that your book has a presence at these events by organizing flyers, books, and showcards to be sent for display. It is also often possible for books to be sent with our conference bookshop partners, such as Wisepress.

As your publisher, we want to support any events at which you may be speaking. By passing on the relevant information to the marketing department, ideally at least 3 to 4 weeks ahead of any engagement, we can arrange for copies of your book, flyers, and showcards to be displayed at these events.

Trade promotions

We work closely with the major bookselling chains, independent booksellers and online retailers to arrange joint promotions, which may range from book signings and events to in-store displays, price promotions, or direct marketing by the bookseller to their own customer list.


OUP publishes a prestigious and extensive list of journals in which we are able to advertise our books regularly. We also carry out some advertising in a range of top academic subject journals and more mainstream periodicals.

Inspection copies

If your book is aimed at students, it's vital to promote it to lecturers. We offer our undergraduate student texts free on inspection to lecturers who are teaching a relevant course and may recommend the book to their students. We reach lecturers through specific 'adoption' campaigns by both email and post, as well as through our Higher Education sales teams. We encourage feedback on textbooks, requesting that academics who order inspection copies fill in and return a comment card.

We would encourage you to speak to your marketer or indicate on your author questionnaire if you have lists of colleagues who may use your book on a course; we'd be happy to send them further information or inspection copies.

Review coverage and publicity

We recognize the importance of getting your book reviewed and as such dedicate a significant amount of time to ensuring the reviews process runs smoothly. We support the reviews process by ensuring that a large number of review copies are sent quickly and efficiently to all relevant journals and periodicals around the world. We have an extensive database of review editors, but very much welcome your input into this process by asking that you list the most important publications to which your book should be sent for review in your Author Questionnaire.

If you have current details of a review editor or any special contact which you would prefer us to use, or if you have information on any professional organization where you can arrange for the book to be announced, please also include this information in the questionnaire.

Where books are particularly high-profile or newsworthy, our specialist publicity team will work with their extensive contacts to arrange coverage in print and other media, as well as arranging author tours, launch events and festival appearances where appropriate.


Flyers can be very effective when distributed to friends and colleagues, posted around departments, and taken to events and conferences. We will produce a flyer for your book and can arrange for copies to be sent to you or to events you're attending. We can also email you a pdf of the flyer and, if you have authorised access to a mailing list, you can send it out for wider distribution instead of, or alongside, an email campaign.

Promotional partnerships with key societies

OUP has contact with hundreds of societies around the world, from some of the largest and most influential organisations in academia, to smaller niche societies. Many of these societies publish their journals with OUP. We can offer members of these societies access to bespoke 'book clubs' , providing them with tailored websites where they can browse and purchase books at a significant discount. By setting up these relationships, we are able to promote your book to a wide base of society members.