Marketing - how authors can help

Author questionnaire

Taking the time to fill out your Author Questionnaire is an enormous help to the marketing department, and will allow us to market your book as successfully as possible. Giving us details of contacts, events, and review journals allows us to really target our marketing effectively.

Awards and prizes

Please let us know of any prizes that you have won; we can add these to our database to ensure that this information feeds through to all future catalogues and the OUP website. We have an extensive prizes database and actively submit books for these awards, but please also contact us if you would like your book to be nominated for an award.


If you have plans to attend a conference or some other event, please let us know as early as you can, ideally giving us 3-4 weeks advance notice, so that we can arrange for the appropriate marketing to be in place.


We ensure that favourable quotes from reviews are loaded to our marketing database for use in promotional material, on our website, and to send to retailers such as Amazon. We employ a professional agency to provide us with a comprehensive and reliable press cutting service that covers the majority of publications worldwide. We also ask review editors to send us copies of all published reviews but this doesn't always happen. If you get sent, or see, a review, please send a copy to your marketing department.