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Customizing your browser

Add the Oxford DNB to your browser toolbar

With our convenient button, the Oxford DNB need never be more than a click away. Simply highlight someone's name on any web page, click our Search Oxford DNB button on your browser's toolbar, and you'll run a search for that person in Oxford DNB.

Our button is a javascript bookmarklet. You must have javascript enabled to use it. If you have been using the Oxford DNB successfully, you will already have javascript enabled; it is the default setting of your browser.

To install the button: follow the instructions below to install the right version of the button for your browser.

Internet Explorer

  • Place your mouse cursor over the following link: Oxford DNB search.
  • Click the right mouse button and select 'Add to Favorites ...'
  • Click 'Yes' to continue (our code is safe)
  • Select the Links subfolder and click 'OK' (in IE7: 'Add')
Can't see it? If you cannot see your Links toolbar, go to the View > Toolbars menu (in IE7: Tools > Toolbars) to make it appear; click on the Links entry. If you can see your Links toolbar but not our button, drag the toolbar across your screen to make more of the toolbar visible. If you cannot drag your Links toolbar, unlock it (View > Toolbars; Tools > Toolbars).



  • Right click on this Oxford DNB Search link.
  • Choose 'Bookmark This Link' from the menu.


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