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How do I read the Oxford DNB?

The Oxford DNB is a subscription resource. If you currently don't have a subscription, but would like to read our biographies, here are some avenues.

1. Use your local library's online subscription …

  • Almost all public libraries in the UK now subscribe online > Find your library's web site
  • Many public libraries elsewhere in the world subscribe; ask your librarian.
  • If you’re a student: many colleges and universities worldwide subscribe, giving you full, free access; check your list of online resources.
  • Tell your librarian about our free trials.

Do you know you can now use your library's subscription from your own home (or anytime, anywhere with internet access)?

2. Personal and institutional subscriptions

  • Find out about our various subscription options. Free 30-day trials are available for institutions.

3. You don't need a subscription to read …

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