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New lives, January 2017

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New subjects

Albery, (Wyndham) John (1936–2013), chemist
Amis, John Preston (1922–2013), music critic and broadcaster
Anderson, Rona Arbuthnot (1925–2013), actress [see under Jackson, Gordon Cameron (1923–1990)]
Annan, Gabriele, Lady Annan (1921–2013), literary critic [see under Annan, Noel Gilroy, Baron Annan (1916–2000)]
Arbeid, Murray Dennis (1935–2011), fashion designer [see under Fox, Frederick Donald (1931–2013)]
Arnott, Struther (1934–2013), molecular biologist and university principal
Askonas, Brigitte Alice (1923–2013), immunologist and biochemist
Aston, Michael Antony [Mick] (1946–2013), geographer and archaeologist
Ayers, Kevin Cawley (1944–2013), singer, musician, and composer
Bailey, Emmanuel McDonald (1920–2013), athlete
Ball, Kenneth Daniel [Kenny] (1930–2013), trumpeter
Banks, Iain (1954–2013), author and composer
Barclay, Oliver Rainsford (1919–2013), zoologist and evangelical society administrator
Barker, David James Purslove (1938–2013), physician and epidemiologist
Baron, Dame Florence Jacqueline (1952–2013), barrister and judge
Barrow, Geoffrey Wallis Steuart (1924–2013), historian
Barton, (Barbara) Anne (1933–2013), literary scholar and critic
Batey, Mavis Lilian (1921–2013), code-breaker and garden historian
Beales, Peter Leslie (1936–2013), rose breeder and historian
Beckett, Sir Terence Norman (1923–2013), industrialist and business leader
Beeston, Richard Nicholas (1963–2013), journalist
Bellaigue de Bughas, Sir Geoffrey de (1931–2013), art historian and curator
Bellany, John (1942–2013), painter and print-maker
Bennett, Lilian Margery (1922–2013), businesswoman
Berezovsky, Boris Abramovich (1946–2013), entrepreneur and politician
Bernal, Martin Gardiner (1937–2013), Sinologist and ancient historian
Bernard, Oliver Owen (1925–2013), poet and translator [see under Bernard, Jeffrey Joseph (1932–1997)]
Biggs, Ronald Arthur [Ronnie] (1929–2013), criminal and fugitive
Bird, Antonia Jane (1951–2013), television and film director
Bishop, Bernardine Anna Livia Mary (1939–2013), novelist and psychotherapist
Boles, Sir John Dennis [Jack] (1925–2013), colonial administrator and director-general of the National Trust
Box, George Edward Pelham (1919–2013), statistician
Braben, Edwin Charles [Eddie] (1930–2013), comic writer
Briers, Richard David (1934–2013), actor
Brock, Frances Mary Clutton- (1912–2013), physiotherapist and missionary [see under Brock, (Arthur) Guy Clutton- (1906–1995)]
Brocklehurst, John Charles (1924–2013), geriatrician
Browne, Sir Anthony Arthur Duncan Montague (1923–2013), diplomatist and businessman
Butler, Gwendoline [pseud. Jennie Melville] (1922–2013), author
Butler, Sir Michael Dacres (1927–2013), diplomat and banker
Campbell, Alan Robertson, Baron Campbell of Alloway (1917–2013), barrister and politician
Caro, Sir Anthony Alfred (1924–2013), sculptor
Carter, Ronald Louis (1926–2013), furniture designer
Catling, Hector William (1924–2013), archaeologist and prehistorian
Cecil, Sir Henry Richard Amherst (1943–2013), racehorse trainer
Chitnis, Pratap Chidamber, Baron Chitnis (1936–2013), political organizer and charity director
Clark, Sir Robert Anthony (1924–2013), special operations officer, solicitor, and businessman
Clayton, Keith Martin (1928–2013), geographer and environmental scientist
Coase, Ronald Harry (1910–2013), economist
Cohen, Joyce Constance Ina Waley-, Lady Waley-Cohen (1920–2013), educationist and public servant [see under Cohen, Sir Bernard Nathaniel Waley-, first baronet (1914–1991)]
Cohen, Stanley (1942–2013), sociologist and criminologist
Coleman, Basil Woore (1916–2013), opera, television, and theatre director
Coleman, David Robert (1926–2013), sports broadcaster and commentator
Coleman, Dena (1952–2013), headmistress
Conran, Anthony Edward Marcell [Tony] (1931–2013), poet
Cornforth, Sir John Warcup (1917–2013), chemist
Cross, (Philip Louis) Ulric (1917–2013), air force officer, judge, and diplomatist
Cullen, Alexander Lamb (1920–2013), electrical engineer
Curtiss, Sir John Bagot (1924–2013), air force officer
Curwen, Sir Christopher Keith (1929–2013), intelligence officer
Davis, Sir Colin Rex (1927–2013), conductor
Dean, Winton Basil (1916–2013), musicologist
Denness, Michael Henry (1940–2013), cricketer
Dobson, (Richard) Barrie (1931–2013), historian
Dodgson, Stephen Cuthbert Vivian (1924–2013), composer
Dworkin, Ronald Myles (1931–2013), legal and political philosopher
Edwards, Sir Robert Geoffrey (Bob) (1925–2013), physiologist
Farman, Joseph Charles (1930–2013), Antarctic geophysicist
Farren, Michael Anthony [Mick] (1943–2013), musician and writer
Feiler, Paul Ludwig Horst (1918–2013), artist
Fesenmaier, Helene Marie (1937–2013), artist
Floud, Jean Esther (1915–2013), sociologist
Forbes, Bryan (1926–2013), actor, film director, and screenwriter
Ford, Philip John (1949–2013), scholar of French and neo-Latin literature
Foreman, Sir Philip Frank (1923–2013), engineer and businessman
Forman, Sir (John) Denis (1917–2013), television executive
Forman, Stanley (1921–2013), film distributor and archivist
Fortescue, Lady Margaret (1923–2013), landowner and huntswoman
Fox, Frederick Donald (1931–2013), milliner
Frankland, Juliet Camilla (1929–2013), mycologist
Fraser, Peter Lovat, Baron Fraser of Carmyllie (1945–2013), lawyer and politician
Frost, Sir David Paradine (1939–2013), broadcaster
Garland, Patrick Ewart (1935–2013), theatre and television director, actor, and author
Geach, Peter Thomas (1916–2013), philosopher
Gibb, Sir Francis Ross (1927–2013), engineer and industrialist
Giles, Sir Morgan Charles Morgan- (1914–2013), naval officer and politician
Gilliat, Leslie (1917–2013), film producer and production manager [see under Gilliat, Sidney (1908–1994)]
Godfrey, Roland Frederick [Bob] (1921–2013), animator, director, and film-maker
Goldman, John Michael (1938–2013), haematologist
Goldstone, Peter Walter (1926–2013), solicitor and judge
Goodman, Geoffrey George (1922–2013), journalist, author, and broadcaster
Gore, Fiona Bryde, countess of Arran (1918–2013), powerboat racer
Gourlay, Sir (Basil) Ian Spencer (1920–2013), Royal Marines officer and educational administrator
Gow, Sir (James) Michael (1924–2013), army officer
Grantham, Roy Aubrey (1926–2013), trade unionist
Gray, Elspet Jeans MacGregor-, Lady Rix (1929–2013), actress and charity campaigner
Gray, George William (1926–2013), organic chemist
Griffiths, Peter Harry Steve (1928–2013), politician
Griffiths, Richard Thomas (1947–2013), actor
Hahn, Frank Horace (1925–2013), economist
Hallam, Chris Alexander (1962–2013), athlete
Hancock, Sir David John Stowell (1934–2013), civil servant and banker
Handley, Eric Walter (1926–2013), classical scholar
Harker, Margaret Florence (1920–2013), photographer and historian of photography
Harradence, Rita Harriet, Lady Cornforth (1915–2012), chemist [see under Cornforth, Sir John Warcup (1917–2013)]
Harrison, Noel John Christopher (1934–2013), actor and singer [see under Harrison, Sir Reginald Carey [Rex] (1908–1990)]
Harrod, Dominick Roy (1940–2013), journalist and broadcaster [see under Harrod, Sir (Henry) Roy Forbes (1900–1978)]
Hart, Sir David Michael (1940–2013), solicitor and trade union leader
Hartley [née Murray; other married name Wass], Donna Marie Louise (1955–2013), athlete and bodybuilder
Hawkins, Doreen Mary [performing name Doreen Lawrence] (1919–2013), actress [see under Hawkins, John Edward [Jack] (1910–1973)]
Hayhoe, Bernard John, Baron Hayhoe (1925–2013), politician
Heaney, Seamus Justin (1939–2013), poet, translator, and literary critic
Hemsley, Thomas Jeffrey (1927–2013), singer
Hepper, (Frank) Nigel (1929–2013), botanist and plant taxonomist
Herbert, James (1943–2013), author
Hicks, Barbara Purser (1924–2013), actress
Hinds, Anthony Frank (1922–2013), film producer and screenwriter
Hitchen, Brian (1936–2013), journalist and editor
Hope, June Mary Anne [Polly] (1933–2013), artist [see under Crosby, Theo (1925–1994)]
Hornby, Sir Derek Peter (1930–2013), businessman
Houghton, Vera, Lady Houghton of Sowerby (1914–2013), abortion law reformer and family planning advocate
Howard, Anne Mary Teresa Fitzalan-, duchess of Norfolk (1927–2013), charity founder [see under Howard, Miles Francis Stapleton Fitzalan-, seventeenth duke of Norfolk (1915–2002)]
Hunt, Sir Nicholas John Streynsham (1930–2013), naval officer
Huntley, Jessica Elleisse (1927–2013), publisher and community rights activist
Huxley, Hugh Esmor (1924–2013), biologist
Innes, Jocasta Claire Traill (1934–2013), journalist, cookery writer, and interior design writer
Jackson, (Robert) Hugh (1918–2013), paediatrician
Jackson, Margaret Wallace (1917–2013), Special Operations Executive secretary and civil servant
Jacobs, David Lewis (1926–2013), broadcaster
Jenkins, Christopher Dennis Alexander Martin- (1945–2013), cricket commentator
Joseph, Betty (1917–2013), psychoanalyst
Joynson, Mary Grace (1924–2013), social worker and charity administrator
June, Ava (1931–2013), singer
Keating, Francis Vincent [Frank] (1937–2013), sports journalist
Kee, Robert (1919–2013), writer, journalist, and broadcaster
Kennedy, Sir Thomas Lawrie (1928–2013), air force officer
Kent, Jean (1921–2013), actress
Killen, Louisa Jo (1934–2013), singer, musician, and composer
Kindersley, Robert Hugh Molesworth, third Baron Kindersley (1929–2013), merchant banker
Le Quesne, Sir (John) Godfray (1924–2013), barrister and public servant
Lessing, Doris May (1919–2013), writer
Letwin, William Louis (1922–2013), economist
Letwin, Shirley (1924–1993), political theorist [see under Letwin, William Louis (1922–2013)]
Levine, Sir Montague Bernard (1922–2013), coroner
Lindley, Dennis Victor (1923–2013), mathematician and statistician
Losinska, Kathleen Mary (1922–2013), trade unionist
MacKenzie, Norman Ian (1921–2013), journalist, educationist, and historian
Mander, Kathleen Molyneux [Kay] (1915–2013), documentary film-maker
Martin, James Thomas (1933–2013), computer systems analyst, author, and philanthropist
Mather, Richard Martin (1937–2013), architect
Maud, Sir Humphrey John Hamilton (1934–2013), diplomatist
Mavor, Elizabeth Osborne (1927–2013), novelist, biographer, and editor
Maxwell, Elisabeth Jenny Jeanne (1921–2013), French scholar and historian [see under Maxwell, (Ian) Robert (1923–1991)]
McCormack, Inez Jane Mary (1943–2013), trade unionist and human rights campaigner
McGrady, Edward Kevin Gabriel (1935–2013), politician
McIntosh, Mary Susan (1936–2013), sociologist, feminist, and campaigner for gay rights
McLetchie, David William (1952–2013), lawyer and politician
McManus, Mick (1921–2013), wrestler
McMillan, Stephenie Lesley (1942–2013), set decorator
Millan, Bruce (1927–2013), politician
Milne, Alasdair David Gordon (1930–2013), broadcaster and broadcasting executive
Milstein, Benjamin Bethel (1918–2013), cardiac surgeon
Minogue, Kenneth Robert (1930–2013), political philosopher
Morgan, Clifford Isaac [Cliff] (1930–2013), rugby union player, broadcaster, and television executive
Morley, Lewis Fred (1925–2013), photographer
Mortimer, James Edward [Jim] (1921–2013), trade unionist and Labour Party official
Murray, Sir Kenneth (1930–2013), chemist and molecular biologist
Nairne, Sir Patrick Dalmahoy (1921–2013), civil servant and college head
Neuberger, Michael Samuel (1953–2013), molecular biologist and immunologist
Nicholson, Ernest Wilson (1938–2013), Old Testament scholar
Nisbet, Robert George Murdoch (1925–2013), Latin scholar
Ó Brádaigh, Ruairí (1932–2013), Irish republican activist and president of Sinn Féin
Ormerod, Janette Louise [Jan] (1946–2013), illustrator and children's writer
O'Toole, Peter Seamus (1932–2013), actor
Paget, George Charles Henry Victor, seventh Marquess of Anglesey (1922–2013), soldier, historian, and landowner
Paoletti, (Romano Lionel) Roland Joseph ( 1931–2013), architect
Parkes, Malcolm Beckwith (1930–2013), palaeographer
Pawson, Anthony James (1952–2013), biologist and cancer researcher
Pemberton, Robert [Robin] Leigh-, Baron Kingsdown (1927–2013), landowner, banker, and governor of the Bank of England
Pickering, Jean Catherine (1929–2013), athlete
Presley, Reg (1941–2013), singer
Pringle, Sir Steuart Robert [Robin], tenth baronet (1928–2013), Royal Marines officer
Reckert, (Frederick) Stephen (1923–2013), Spanish and Portuguese scholar
Regan, Joan (1928–2013), singer
Reichmann, Moshe Yosef (1930–2013), property developer
Reid, Alexander Patrick [Alec] (1931–2013), Roman Catholic priest and peace campaigner
Reynolds, Bruce Richard (1931–2013), criminal
Reynolds, (Arthur) Graham (1914–2013), museum curator and art historian
Reynolds, Daphne (1918–2002), painter and printmaker [see under Reynolds, (Arthur) Graham (1914–2013)]
Roberts, Sir Denys Tudor Emil (1923–2013), colonial official and judge
Robertson, Patrick Alexander (1922–2009), set designer [see under Vercoe, Rosemary Joyce (1917–2013)]
Rogers, Paul (1917–2013), actor
Russell, Colin Archibald (1928–2013), chemist and historian of science
Sanger, Frederick (1918–2013), biochemist and molecular biologist
Scoon, Sir Paul Godwin (1935–2013), governor-general of Grenada
Service, Alastair Stanley Douglas (1933–2013), abortion law reformer, family planning advocate, and architectural historian
Sharp, Alan (1934–2013), novelist and screenwriter
Sharpe, Thomas Ridley [Tom] (1928–2013), novelist
Shaw, (Charles) Thurstan (1914–2013), archaeologist
Sheridan, Tony (1940–2013), singer and guitarist
Sinclair, Sir Ian McTaggart (1926–2013), international lawyer and diplomatist
Smith, Sir Colin Stansfield (1932–2013), architect
Smith, Melvyn Kenneth [Mel] (1952–2013), comic actor, writer, and director
Stafford, Godfrey Harry (1920–2013), particle physicist and college head
Stevenson, Olive (1930–2013), social worker and scholar
Stewart, Katharine Elizabeth Allan [Katie] (1934–2013), cookery writer
Stoker, Sir Michael George Parke (1918–2013), virologist and cell biologist
Sullivan, (Donovan) Michael (1916–2013), art historian
Sutherland, (Robert) James Mackay (1922–2013), civil engineer
Tattersall, Kathleen (1942–2013), educationist
Tavener, Sir John Kenneth (1944–2013), composer
Taylor, Gilbert (1914–2013), cinematographer
Thatcher, Margaret Hilda, Baroness Thatcher (1925–2013), prime minister
Thirsk, (Irene) Joan (1922–2013), agrarian historian
Thomas, David Arthur (1938–2013), legal writer
Thorgerson, Storm Elvin (1944–2013), graphic designer
Tracey, Stanley William (1926–2013), pianist, composer, and bandleader
Trautmann, Bernhard Carl [Bert] (1923–2013), footballer
Usden, Arline (1937–2013), journalist and editor
Vercoe, Rosemary Joyce (1917–2013), costume designer
Vermes, Geza (1924–2013), historian of ancient Judaism
Vincent, Sally (1937–2013), journalist
Wall, David Richard (1946–2013), ballet dancer and ballet master
Webb, Lizbeth (1926–2013), singer and actress
Wheldon, Dame Juliet Louise (1950–2013), lawyer and civil servant
Whewell, Harry Hodges (1923–2013), journalist
Whicker, (Donald) Alan (1921–2013), journalist and broadcaster
Whitehead, Sir John Stainton (1932–2013), diplomatist
Wight, Dorothea Edna (1944–2013), artist and master printer
Wilkes, Sir Michael John (1940–2013), army officer
Williams, Sir David Innes (1919–2013), paediatric urologist
Wilson, Colin Henry (1931–2013), writer
Winner, (Robert) Michael (1935–2013), film-maker and food critic
Winters, Bernie (1930–1991), comedian [see under Winters, Mike (1926–2013)]
Winters, Mike (1926–2013), comedian
Wolpe, Katharina Petra (1931–2013), concert pianist and teacher
Woodward, Sir John Forster [Sandy] (1932–2013), naval officer
Worsley, Peter Maurice (1924–2013), sociologist
Wymark, Olwen Margaret (1929–2013), playwright
Wyndham, Pamela, Lady Egremont (1925–2013), society hostess and traveller
Young, William Stewart (1942–2013), criminologist
Zochonis, Sir John Basil (1929–2013), industrialist and philanthropist

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