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List of editors and staff: May 2015 to September 2015

David Cannadine


Research editors

Philip Carter (Publication editor) Mark Curthoys Alex May

Associate research editors

Matthew Kilburn, Vivienne Larminie, Henry Summerson

Associate editors

Jane C. Brown, Judith Brown, Matthew Brown, Ian Campbell, A.G. Cross, David Fitzpatrick, John Flood, Peter France, Mark Haworth-Booth, Gad Heuman, Ron Johnston, David Killingray, Hugh Macmillan, Ian Michael, Rosemary Mitchell, Christopher Saunders, Georgina Sinclair, Jon Usher, Chris Williams, Chris A. Williams, Gareth Williams


Publishing manager Jo Payne
Editorial manager Ryan Kidd
Development editor Laura Dawkins
Editorial assistant Jenny Banks
Administrative assistant Ursula Steele
Online project manager Sophie Hazlewood
Marketing Ellie Gregory
PR Anna Silva


Jane Bainbridge, Katy Carter, Pia Eekelaar, Hazel Mills, Nancy-Jane Rucker, R. S. Simpson, Lynn Smith, Sarah Yates


Picture consultant: Arianne Burnette

Other: Ian O'Neill

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