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New lives, January 2016

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New subjects

Adam, Corinna Jane (1937–2012), journalist
Adams, George Fowler (1916–2012), geriatrician
Anderson, Gerald Alexander [Gerry] (1929–2012), television producer, writer, and director
Anthony, Donald William James (1928–2012), athlete, sports administrator, and historian
Applebey, Mary Frances (1916–2012), civil servant and mental health campaigner
Archer, Peter Kingsley, Baron Archer of Sandwell (1926–2012), barrister and politician
Arden, John (1930–2012), playwright and author
Arnold, Eve Deborah (1912–2012), photojournalist
Ashley, John, Baron Ashley of Stoke (1922–2012), politician
Bain, Neville Clifford (1940–2012), accountant and businessman
Ball, Sir Alfred Henry Wynne [Freddie] (1921–2012), air force officer
Barlow, Sir (George) William (1924–2012), industrialist
Barratt, Sir Lawrence Arthur [Lawrie] (1927–2012), house builder
Barron, David William (1935–2012), computer scientist
Bawden, Nina Mary (1925–2012), author
Beasley, (Catherine) Eileen (1921–2012), teacher and Welsh-language campaigner
Beasley, Trefor (1918–1994), Welsh-language campaigner [see under Beasley, (Catherine) Eileen (1921–2012)]
Bennett, Sir Richard Rodney (1936–2012), composer
Berg, Leila Rita (1917–2012), children's writer, publisher, and campaigner
Booth, Sir Christopher Charles (1924–2012), physician
Boyd, Christopher Alan Lennox- (1941–2012), collector and print dealer [see under Boyd, Alan Tindal Lennox-, first Viscount Boyd of Merton (1904–1983)]
Boyson, Sir Rhodes (1925–2012), headteacher and politician
Brooker, Daphne Elizabeth (1927–2012), model and fashion teacher
Burnet, Sir James William Alexander [Alastair] (1928–2012), journalist and broadcaster
Butler, Sir Richard Clive (1929–2012), farmer
Bygraves, Walter William [Max] (1922–2012), singer and entertainer
Byrne, Nona Georgette (1922–2012), building society founder
Campbell, Ian (1933–2012), folk singer and songwriter
Carr, (Leonard) Robert, Baron Carr of Hadley (1916–2012), politician and businessman
Carson, Hugh Francis [Frank] (1926–2012), comedian
Challis, Christopher George Joseph (1919–2012), cinematographer
Chibnall, Marjorie McCallum (1915–2012), historian
Chilver, (Amos) Henry, Baron Chilver (1926–2012), structural engineer and university administrator
Cioffi, Frank (1928–2012), philosopher
Cockburn, Alexander Claud (1941–2012), journalist and author
Cohen, Eta (1916–2012), violin teacher and author
Colvin, Marie Catherine (1956–2012), journalist
Connell, (Frances) Elizabeth (1946–2012), singer
Cooper, Emmanuel (1938–2012), potter, writer on craft and the arts, and advocate of gay rights
Corbett, Robin, Baron Corbett of Castle Vale (1933–2012), journalist and politician
Cottrell, Sir Alan Howard (1919–2012), metallurgist
Cragg, (Albert) Kenneth (1913–2012), Church of England clergyman, theologian, and scholar of Islam
Crockett, Sir Andrew Duncan (1943–2012), economist and international public servant
Davey, Robert Raymond [Ray] (1915–2012), Presbyterian minister and founder of the Corrymeela Community
Davidson, Robert (1927–2012), Church of Scotland minister and Old Testament scholar
Davies, (Thomas) Mervyn (1946–2012), rugby union player
Deane, Phyllis Mary (1918–2012), economic historian
Dellal, Jack (1923–2012), financier and property dealer
Denniston, Robin Alastair (1926–2012), publisher and Church of England clergyman [see under Beddington, Rosa Susan Penelope (1956–2001)]
Dewhirst, David William (1926–2012), astronomer and historian of astronomy
Domb, Cyril (1920–2012), theoretical physicist and Jewish scholar
Dronke, Ursula Miriam (1920–2012), scholar of Old Norse–Icelandic literature
Dummett, Agnes Margaret, Lady Dummett (1930–2012), campaigner for racial justice and equality
Dunn, Robert Bertram [performing name Clive] (1920–2012), actor
Durbin, James (1923–2012), statistician
Ebert, Peter (1918–2012), opera director [see under Ebert, Carl (1887–1980)]
Edwards, (James) Griffith (1928–2012), psychiatrist and addiction researcher
Edwards, Robert John (1925–2012), newspaper editor
Egerton, Judith Emilie [Judy] (1928–2012), art historian and curator
Eliot, (Esmé) Valerie (1926–2012), literary executor and editor
Emery, Lina Madeleine Lalandi- (1920–2012), harpsichordist and founder and director of the English Bach Festival
Etchells, (Dorothea) Ruth (1931–2012), literary scholar and churchwoman
Evans, Christopher Francis (1909–2012), New Testament scholar and Church of England clergyman
Evans, Sir Richard Mark (1928–2012), diplomatist
Faulkner, Lucy Barbara Ethel, Lady Faulkner of Downpatrick (1925–2012), public servant [see under Faulkner, (Arthur) Brian Deane, Baron Faulkner of Downpatrick (1921–1977)]
Fedden, (Adye) Mary (1915–2012), painter and printmaker
Fenton, Alexander [Sandy] (1929–2012), ethnologist and linguist
Ferris, Elizabeth Anne Esther [Liz] (1940–2012), diver, doctor, and campaigner for gender equality in sport
Figes, Eva (1932–2012), feminist and writer
Fleischmann, (Hans) Martin Franz (1927–2012), chemist
Fletcher, Winston (1937–2012), advertising executive and writer
Francia, Peter Laurent de (1921–2012), artist and educator
Fraser, Sir David William (1920–2012), army officer, historian, and novelist
Freer, Sir Robert William George (1923–2012), air force officer
Gage, John Stephen (1938–2012), art historian
Garnett, Angelica Vanessa (1918–2012), painter and writer
Geliot, Michael Herbert John (1933–2012), opera and theatre director
Gibb, Robin Hugh (1949–2012), musician [see under Gibb, Maurice Ernest (1949–2003)]
Gifford, Joshua Thom (1941–2012), jockey and racehorse trainer
Goddard, (Cecil) John (1923–2012), fishing tackle manufacturer, angler, and entomologist
Golding, (Harold) John (1929–2012), painter, art historian, and curator
Gray, Peter (1926–2012), chemist
Greengross, Wendy Elsa (1925–2012), general practitioner and broadcaster
Greenwood, Norman Neill (1925–2012), inorganic chemist
Greig, Anthony William [Tony] (1946–2012), cricketer and cricket commentator
Grierson, Mary Anderson (1912–2012), botanical artist
Hackenbroch, Yvonne Alix (1912–2012), museum curator and historian of jewellery
Hamermesh, Mira (1923–2012), painter and documentary film-maker
Hamilton, Sir James Arnot (1923–2012), aeronautical engineer and civil servant
Hamilton, Raphael Thomas [Andy] (1918–2012), saxophonist, bandleader, and community leader
Handy, Nicholas Charles (1941–2012), theoretical chemist and mathematician
Harkness, Robert Beagarie (1951–2012), rose breeder
Harrison, Walter (1921–2012), electrician and politician
Harvey, Jonathan Dean (1939–2012), composer
Hibberd, (John William) Dominic (1941–2012), literary scholar
Hick, John Harwood (1922–2012), philosopher and theologian
Hill, Reginald Charles (1936–2012), crime writer
Hobsbawm, Eric John Ernest (1917–2012), historian
Honeyford, Raymond (1934–2012), headmaster
Hooson, (Hugh) Emlyn, Baron Hooson (1925–2012), barrister, politician, and judge
Horder, John Plaistowe (1919–2012), general practitioner
Horn, Sir Gabriel (1927–2012), neuroscientist
Horsfall, Allan (1927–2012), gay rights campaigner
House, Sir David George (1922–2012), army officer and public servant
House, John Peter Humphry (1945–2012), art historian
Hunt, Sir Rex Masterman (1926–2012), diplomatist and colonial governor
Hurll, Michael (1936–2012), television director and producer
Huxley, Sir Andrew Fielding (1917–2012), physiologist
Iggo, Ainsley (1924–2012), neurophysiologist
James, Eric Arthur (1925–2012), Church of England clergyman
Jameson, Derek (1929–2012), newspaper editor and broadcaster
Jefferson, Sir George Rowland (1921–2012), engineer and business executive
Johnson, Dame Louise Napier (1940–2012), biophysicist and structural biologist
Jones, David Thomas [Davy] (1945–2012), singer and actor
Jones, David Vaughan (1933–2012), film editor and author
Jones, Emrys Lloyd (1931–2012), literary scholar
Kark, Austen Steven (1926–2002), broadcasting executive [see under Bawden, Nina Mary (1925– 2012)]
Keegan, Sir John Desmond Patrick (1934–2012), military historian and journalist
Keen, Maurice Hugh (1933–2012), historian
Kemp, Edward Edmund (1910–2012), botanic garden curator, horticulturist, and arboriculturist
Kewley, Vanya Sarah (1937–2012), journalist and documentary film-maker
King, William Donald Aelian (1910–2012), naval officer
Klare, Hugh John (1916–2012), penal reformer and author
La Fontaine, Hilary Dawn (1937–2012), intelligence officer
Lawrence, John Geoffrey Tristram, fourth Baron Trevethin and second Baron Oaksey (1929–2012), amateur jockey and racing journalist
Ledger, Sir Philip Stevens (1937–2012), conductor, pianist, and composer
Leighton, Jane (1944–2012), health campaigner and broadcaster
Little, Ian Malcolm David (1918–2012), economist
Lom, Herbert (1917–2012), actor
Lomax, Eric Sutherland (1919–2012), prisoner of war and author
Lord, John Douglas [Jon] (1941–2012), keyboard player and composer
Lovell, Sir (Alfred Charles) Bernard (1913–2012), astronomer
Lygo, Sir Raymond Derek (1924–2012), naval officer and industrialist
Macara, Sir Alexander Wiseman [Sandy] (1932–2012), public health physician
MacPherson, Donald (1922–2012), piper
Madin, (William) John Hardcastle Dalton (1924–2012), architect
Mansell, James Lawson (1952–2012), social scientist and campaigner for the rights of people with learning disabilities
Maples, John Cradock, Baron Maples (1943–2012), barrister, politician, and businessman
Marshall, Colin Marsh, Baron Marshall of Knightsbridge (1933–2012), airline executive and businessman
Marshall, James Charles (1923–2012), audio equipment manufacturer
May, Valentine Gilbert Delabere (1927–2012), theatre director
McCarthy, William Edward John, Baron McCarthy (1925–2012), industrial relations scholar and politician
McFarlane, Jean Kennedy, Baroness McFarlane of Llandaff (1926–2012), nurse and educationist
Mellaart, James (1925–2012), archaeologist
Metzstein, Isi Israel (1928–2012), architect
Mintoff, Dominic [Dom] (1916–2012), prime minister of Malta
Mogg, William Rees-, Baron Rees-Mogg (1928–2012), newspaper editor and public servant
Moore, Sir Patrick Alfred Caldwell- (1923–2012), astronomer and broadcaster
Morris, Alfred, Baron Morris of Manchester (1928–2012), politician and campaigner for disability rights
Morris, Charles Richard (1926–2012), politician [see under Morris, Alfred, Baron Morris of Manchester (1928–2012)]
Moulton, Alexander Eric [Alex] (1920–2012), engineer and inventor
Nevile, Mildred Mary (1927–2012), anti-poverty campaigner and human rights advocate
Newman, Frederick Edward Fry (1916–2012), shipbroker and airline executive
Newton, Antony Harold (Tony), Baron Newton of Braintree (1937–2012), politician
Olive, David Ian (1937–2012), theoretical physicist
Onions, Ronald Edward Derek (1929–2012), journalist, broadcaster, and broadcasting executive
Oxenford, Daphne Margaret du Grivel (1919–2012), actress and broadcaster
Page, Raymond Ian (1924–2012), Old English scholar and runologist
Palliser, Sir (Arthur) Michael (1922–2012), diplomatist
Percival, John (1927–2012), dance critic and author
Prawer, Siegbert Salomon (1925–2012), German scholar
Quinton, Sir John Grand (1929–2012), banker and football executive
Redman, Joyce Olivia (1915–2012), actress
Reece, Alan Richard (1927–2012), engineer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist
Richardson, Charles William [Charlie] (1934–2012), gangster
Rix, Timothy John (1934–2012), publisher
Roberts, Lewis Edward John (1922–2012), chemist and public servant
Roberts, Thomas Stephen (1942–2012), fashion designer and retailer
Rose, Christine Frances Evelyn Brooke- (1923–2012), novelist and literary critic
Rose, Frank Clifford (1926–2012), neurologist
Rosoman, (Henry) Leonard (1913–2012), painter and illustrator
Runcie, (Angela) Rosalind, Lady Runcie (1932–2012), pianist [see under Runcie, Robert Alexander Kennedy, Baron Runcie (1921–2000)]
Russell, Nicole Marie Charlotte Pierette Jeanne, duchess of Bedford (1920–2012), businesswoman [see under Russell, John Robert, thirteenth duke of Bedford (1917–2002)]
Ryrie, Sir William Sinclair (1928–2012), civil servant and World Bank official
Saint, Dora Jessie [pseud. Miss Read] (1913–2012), writer and teacher
Sargent, Wallace Leslie William (1935–2012), physicist and astronomer
Sassoon, Vidal (1928–2012), hairdresser, entrepreneur, and philanthropist
Schouvaloff, Alexander (1934–2012), theatre administrator and museum curator
Scott, Anthony David Leighton (1944–2012), film director and producer
Sereny, Gitta (1921–2012), author
Sexton, David James [Dave] (1930–2012), footballer, football coach, and football manager
Shaw, Sir Roy Adolphus Warmington (1918–2012), educationist and arts administrator
Shefton, Brian Benjamin (1919–2012), classical archaeologist
Sheridan, Dinah (1920–2012), actress
Short, Edward Watson [Ted], Baron Glenamara (1912–2012), politician
Sloman, Sir Albert Edward (1921–2012), Hispanic scholar and university administrator
Smart, John Jamieson Carswell [Jack] (1920–2012), philosopher [see under Smart, (Roderick) Ninian (1927–2001)]
Smith, Geoffrey Francis Hattersley- (1923–2012), polar scientist and historian
Spedding, Sir Colin Raymond William (1925–2012), biologist and agricultural scientist
Spencer, Anne Christine (1938–2012), naval officer
Spinks, Terence George (1938–2012), boxer
Stamp, Christopher Thomas (1942–2012), popular music impresario [see under Lambert, Christopher Sebastian (1935–1981)]
Stevas, Norman Antony Francis St John-, Baron St John of Fawsley (1929–2012), politician
Strathie, Dame Lesley Ann (1955–2012), civil servant
Stroud, Derek Hammond (1926–2012), singer
Sykes, Eric (1923–2012), actor, comedian, and writer
Taylor, John Gerald (1931–2012), mathematician and theoretical physicist
Taylor, John Keith (Jack) (1930–2012), football referee
Thomson, Derick Smith [Ruaraidh Mac Thòmais] (1921–2012), Gaelic poet and scholar
Turnbull, William (1922–2012), sculptor and painter
Turner, Victor Francis (1927–2012), dockers' leader and trade unionist
Turvey, Ralph (1927–2012), economist
Unsworth, Barry Forster (1930–2012), novelist
Urmson, James Opie (1915–2012), philosopher
Ursell, Fritz Joseph (1923–2012), applied mathematician
Vick, Mary Russell (1922–2012), hockey player and administrator
Waddell, Sidney [Sid] (1940–2012), television producer and darts commentator
Walley, Francis (1918–2012), engineer and civil servant
Walton, Henry John (1924–2012), psychiatrist, educationist, and art collector [see under Wolff, Sulammith [Sula] (1924–2009)]
Wanless, Sir Derek (1947–2012), banker and policy adviser
Ward, George Henry Reginald (1933–2012), businessman
Ward, Simon Anthony Fox (1941–2012), actor
Warner, Anne Elizabeth (1940–2012), physiologist and developmental biologist
Watkins, Eric Sidney (1928–2012), neurosurgeon
Wedderburn, Dorothy Enid (1925–2012), sociologist
Wedderburn, Kenneth William [Bill], Baron Wedderburn of Charlton (1927–2012), legal scholar
Weedon, Herbert Maurice William [Bert] (1920–2012), guitarist
White, Sir Frank John (1927–2012), judge
Williams, Sir David (1921–2012), naval officer
Williams, Evelyn Jane Brendan (1929–2012), artist
Wilson, John Thomas [Jocky] (1950–2012), darts player
Woodcock, Sir John (1932–2012), police officer
Wrong, Oliver Murray (1925–2012), physician and nephrologist
Wyllie, George Ralston (1921–2012), artist

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