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New lives, May 2014

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New subjects

Ashhurst, William (bap. 1607, d. 1656), politician
Augier, René (b. before 1600, d. 1658/9), diplomat
Banke, Alexander (c.1467–1531?), abbot of Furness
Beck, Lilian (1878–1921), equestrian [see under Ottaway, Cuthbert John (1850–1878)]
Bennett, (Herbert William) Compton (1900–1974), film editor and director
Berkeley, Joanne (1555/6–1616), abbess of the Convent of the Assumption of Our Blessed Lady, Brussels
Bland, Horatio (1802?–1876), merchant and collector
Bourchier, William, third earl of Bath (1557–1623), nobleman and administrator
Browne, Mary (d. in or before 1694), Poor Clare abbess and chronicler
Browne, William (d. 1557/8), prior of Monk Bretton
Brunel, Adrian Hope (1889–1958), film director and writer
Bukerel, Andrew (d. 1237), merchant and mayor of London
Cárdenas, Alonso de Peralta, viscount of Villahermosa de Ambite (c.1592–1666), diplomat
Cariloco, John de (d. 1396), prior of Lewes
Carne, Edward (1623/4–1650), rebel leader
Carne, Thomas (d. 1649), parliamentary army officer
Carpenter, Christina (fl. 1329–1332), religious recluse
Cary, Anne (bap. 1614, d. 1671), Benedictine nun and a founder of Our Lady of Good Hope Convent, Paris
Cary, Elizabeth (bap. 1617, d. 1682), Benedictine nun [see under Cary, Anne (bap. 1614, d. 1671)]
Cary, Lucy (bap. 1619, d. 1650), Benedictine nun [see under Cary, Anne (bap. 1614, d. 1671)]
Cary, Mary (bap. 1622, d. 1693), Benedictine nun [see under Cary, Anne (bap. 1614, d. 1671)]
Cary, Katherine, countess of Home (1609–1625), subject of memorial [see under Cary, Anne (bap. 1614, d. 1671)]
Cary, Victoria (bap. 1620, d. 1694), dancer [see under Cary, Anne (bap. 1614, d. 1671)]
Clement, Margaret (1539–1612), prioress of St Ursula's, Louvain
Colladon, Sir John (1608–1675), physician and political agent
Connor, Kenneth (1918–1993), actor
Constable, Barbara (1617–1684), Benedictine nun and writer
Cressener, Elizabeth (d. 1536/7), prioress of Dartford
Dango, Fanny (1878–1972), actress [see under Lind, Letty (1861–1923)]
Dennett, Mary (1730–1781), prioress of the Holy Sepulchre, Liège
Dickinson, Frances (1755–1830), prioress at Port Tobacco Carmel, Maryland
Esmond, Jill (1908–1990), actress
Forde, Walter (1898–1984), film actor and director
Fossor, John (1283x5–1374), prior of Durham
Garland, Thomas Bland (1819–1892), engineer, businessman, and philanthropist [see under Bland, Horatio (1802?–1876)]
Gascoigne, Catherine (1601–1676), abbess of Cambrai
Gordon, George, Lord Gordon (c.1616–1645), nobleman and soldier
Gordon, Lewis, third marquess of Huntly (c.1626–1653), nobleman
Green, Nigel McGown (1924–1972), actor
Gregson, John (1919–1975), actor
Haggar, (Arthur) William (1851–1925), travelling showman and film-maker
Hawtrey, Charles (1914–1988), actor
Heritage, John (c.1470–c.1536), sheep farmer and dealer in wool
Holland, Catherine (1637–1720), Roman Catholic convert, nun, and autobiographer
Humfrey, John (c.1597–1651), colonist and parliamentary army officer
Hutton, Alexander Watson (1853–1936), schoolteacher and football administrator
Hyland, Samuel (fl. 1638–1663), distiller and political activist
Hylton, Millie (1870–1920), actress [see under Lind, Letty (1861–1923)]
Idley, Peter (d. 1473/4), administrator and poet
King, (Frederick) George (1900–1966), film director and producer
Klinger, Michael (1920–1989), film producer
Knee, Fred (1868–1914), socialist and trade unionist
Lewis, Alfred Edward [Ted] (1940–1982), novelist
Lind, Letty (1861–1923), actress and dancer
Miller, Charles William (1874–1953), footballer and administrator
Milton, Ernest Gianello (1890–1974), actor and author
Mostyn, Margaret (1625–1679), prioress of the Carmelite convent at Lierre
Mostyn, Elizabeth (1626–1700), prioress of the Carmelite convent at Lierre [see under Mostyn, Margaret (1625–1679)]
Neill, Roy William (1887–1946), film director
Newton, Humphrey (1466–1536), landowner
Ottaway, Cuthbert John (1850–1878), sportsman
Parker, Cecil (1897–1971), actor
Pascal, Gabriel (1894–1954), film producer and director
Penington, Elizabeth (bap. 1604/5, d. 1642x5), pious laywoman and letter writer
Penington, Daniel (d. 1665), fishmonger and pious layman [see under Penington, Elizabeth (bap. 1604/5, d. 1642x5)]
Pommer, Erich (1889–1966), film producer
Pygot, Margaret (d. in or after 1474), prioress of Carrow
Radford, (Arthur) Basil (1897–1952), actor
Sander, Elizabeth (d. 1607), Bridgettine nun and writer
Scawen, Robert (bap. 1602, d. 1670), politician
Schach, Max (1886–1957), film producer
Secker, John (1716–1795), mariner and navigator
Sestini, Giovanna (1748/9–1814), opera singer
Sestini, Vincenzo (1746/7–1829), costume designer [see under Sestini, Giovanna (1748/9–1814)]
Seymour, Sarah, fourth duchess of Somerset (1631–1692), benefactor
Slaughter, Tod (1885–1956), actor-manager
Squire, John (c.1587–1653), Church of England clergyman and author
Stevenson, Robert Edward (1905–1986), film director
Stonywell, John (d. 1553), abbot of Pershore
Stuart, John (1898–1979), actor
Taylor, Alma Louise (1895–1974), film actress
Taylor, Thomas (1777/8–1826), architect and artist
Thimelby, Mary (1618/19–1690), prioress of St Monica's, Louvain, and author
Throckmorton, Margaret (1591–1668), prioress of St Monica's, Louvain
Throckmorton, Anne (1664–1734), prioress of the Convent of Our Blessed Lady of Syon, Paris [see under Throckmorton, Margaret (1591–1668)]
Throckmorton, Elizabeth (1693/4–1760), prioress of the Convent of Our Blessed Lady of Syon, Paris [see under Throckmorton, Margaret (1591–1668)]
Toms, William Henry (d. 1765), engraver
Unsworth, Geoffrey Gilyard (1914–1978), cinematographer
Veidt, Conrad (1893–1943), actor
Viertel, Berthold (1885–1953), film and theatre director
Wardle, George James (1865–1947), trade union leader and politician
Wayne, Naunton (1901–1970), actor
Webster, James (1820/21–1904), engineer and inventor
Wiggin, Sir Henry Samuel, first baronet (1824–1905), metal refiner and politician
Wilkie, Alexander (1850–1928), trade union leader and politician
Woods, Arthur Bickerstaffe (1904–1944), film director
Worsley, Anne (1588–1644), founding prioress of the English Carmelite convent, Antwerp
Wylde, John (fl. 1425x50), Augustinian canon and musical compiler
Wymondham, Thomas of (d. c.1278), administrator and cleric

New reference groups

Moral Re-Armament [Oxford Group] (act. 1921–2001)
Noetics (act. 1810s–1840s)

New features

The English and the battle of Bannockburn (act. 1314)
The Hanoverian succession in British and European politics (c.1700–c.1720)
The Hanoverians: themes and legacies (c.1714–c.1830)
Literature and the Hanoverian succession (c.1700–c.1730)
The Scots and the battle of Bannockburn (act. 1314)

New portraits

Bassano, Alexander (1829–1913), photographer and artist
Christie, John (1882–1962), founder of Glyndebourne Opera
Corfield, Richard Conyngham (1882–1913), army officer
Digby, Venetia, Lady Digby (1600–1633), gentlewoman and celebrated beauty
Feilding, Robert (1650/51–1712), rake and bigamist
Fry, Roger Eliot (1866–1934), art historian, critic, and painter
Greville, Frances Evelyn, countess of Warwick (1861–1938), society beauty and socialist
Gully, James Manby (1808–1883), physician and hydropath
Honywood, Mary (1527–1620), matriarch and sustainer of protestant martyrs
Kennedy, Geoffrey Anketell Studdert (1883–1929), Church of England clergyman and poet
McIndoe, Sir Archibald Hector (1900–1960), plastic surgeon
Russell, Richard (1687–1759), physician
Sidney, Robert, first earl of Leicester (1563–1626), courtier and poet

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