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New lives, September 2013

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New subjects

Amesbury, Michael of (d. 1253), abbot of Glastonbury
Archdale, James (1839–1925), machine tool manufacturer
Backhouse, Margaret Ann (1887–1977), educationist and humanitarian activist
Bailleul, Matilda de (d. 1212), abbess of Wherwell
Baker, George (1825–1910), municipal politician and philanthropist
Beauclerc, Marie Bethell (1845–1897), shorthand reporter and teacher of shorthand
Belliss, George Edward (1838–1909), mechanical engineer and engine manufacturer
Bidlake, William Henry (1861–1938), architect
Blackham, John (1834–1923), founder of the Pleasant Sunday Afternoon movement
Bloye, William James (1890–1975), sculptor
Bunce, John Thackray (1828–1899), journalist
Burkitt, James Parsons (1870–1959), civil engineer and ornithologist
Burritt, Elihu (1810–1879), peace campaigner and American consul
Burton, Jack (fl. 1831–1862), fugitive slave
Cadbury, Dame Geraldine Southall (1865–1941), social and penal reformer
Cadbury, Barrow (1862–1958), cocoa and chocolate manufacturer and social reformer [see under Cadbury, Dame Geraldine Southall (1865–1941)]
Calthorpe family (act. 1717–1910), landowners, politicians, and Birmingham benefactors
Calthorpe, George Gough-, third Baron Calthorpe (1787–1851), landowner [see under Calthorpe family (act. 1717–1910)]
Calthorpe, Frederick Gough-, fourth Baron Calthorpe (1790–1868), landowner [see under Calthorpe family (act. 1717–1910)]
Calthorpe, Frederick Henry William Gough-, fifth Baron Calthorpe (1826–1893), landowner [see under Calthorpe family (act. 1717–1910)]
Calthorpe, Augustus Cholmondeley Gough-, sixth Baron Calthorpe (1829–1910), agriculturalist [see under Calthorpe family (act. 1717–1910)]
Camm, Florence (1874–1960), stained-glass artist
Chamberlain, Beatrice Mary (1862–1918), educationist and political organizer
Chamberlain, (Florence) Ida (1870–1943), local politician [see under Chamberlain, Beatrice Mary (1862–1918)]
Chamberlain, (Caroline) Hilda (1872–1967), social activist [see under Chamberlain, Beatrice Mary (1862–1918)]
Chatwin, Julius Alfred (1830–1907), architect
Cochrane, Kelso Benjamin (1926–1959), carpenter and murder victim
Darwall, John (1796–1833), physician
Dayus, Kate (1903–2003), jewellery enameller and autobiographer
Desai, Manilal Ambalal (1879–1926), lawyer, journalist, and political activist
Duleep Singh, Princess Catherine Hilda (1871–1942), suffragette
Edmonds, George (1788–1868), radical and philologist
Edwards, John Francis Hall- (1858–1926), surgeon and radiographer
Floyd, Lettice Annie (1865–1934), suffragette
Forest, Edmund (d. in or after 1525), prior of Llanthony by Gloucester
Galton, Samuel (1753–1832), gun maker and local politician
Goodman, John Dent (1816–1900), businessman and banker
Gordon, John of Glenbucket (c.1673–1750), Jacobite army officer
Gordon, Robert (bap. 1703, d. 1779), Jacobite sympathizer and the last bishop of the nonjuring Church of England
Gough, Sir Richard (1655–1728), landowner and politician [see under Calthorpe family (act. 1717–1910)]
Gough, Sir Henry, first baronet (1709–1774), landowner and politician [see under Calthorpe family (act. 1717–1910)]
Gough, Sir Henry, second baronet and first Baron Calthorpe (1749–1798), landowner and politician [see under Calthorpe family (act. 1717–1910)]
Gray, William (1751–1845), lawyer and political agent
Green, Charles (1844–1906), manufacturing jeweller
Greener, William (1806–1869), gun maker
Greener, William Wellington (1834–1921), gun maker [see under Greener, William (1806–1869)]
Gunter, Henry Charles (1920–2007), political activist
Hallas, Eldred (1870–1926), trade unionist and politician
Heron, William (d. 1257/8), administrator
Jacobs, Jacob (1839–1896), wholesale jeweller and politician
Jaffray, Sir John, first baronet (1818–1901), newspaper proprietor
Jeevanjee, Alibhai Mulla (1856–1936), businessman and philanthropist
Johnson, Alfred Joseph (1873–1936), toy manufacturer
Judge, John Thomas [Jack] (1872–1938), music hall entertainer and composer
Karaka, Dosabhoy Framji [Dosoo] (1911–1974), journalist and writer
Kunzle, Christian (1879–1954), chocolate and cake manufacturer and philanthropist
Lally, Gwen (1882–1963), pageant master and theatre producer
Lane, William Henry (c.1824–c.1854), dancer
Lloyd, Geoffrey William, Baron Geoffrey-Lloyd (1902–1984), politician
Lloyd, Julia (1867–1955), educationist
Lucas, Isabelle Harriet (1927–1997), singer and actress
Luckcock, James (1761–1835), educational and political reformer
Madhvani, Muljibhai Prabhudas (1894–1958), entrepreneur and philanthropist
Meeke, Elizabeth (1761–1826?), writer
Melville, (Henry) Robert (1905–1986), art critic and gallery administrator
Melville, John William (1902–1986), artist [see under Melville, (Henry) Robert (1905–1986)]
Middlemore, Sir John Throgmorton, first baronet (1844–1924), social reformer and politician
Milnes, Pemberton (1729–1795), merchant and political reformer
Morcom, Alfred (1848–1905), naval engineer [see under Belliss, George Edward (1838–1909)]
Mustafa, Sophia (1922–2005), teacher, politician, and author
Osler, Catherine Courtauld (1854–1924), social reformer and suffragist
Owen, Sir Alfred George Beech (1908–1975), industrialist
Page, John (fl. 1418–1422), poet
Parker, Thomas (1843–1915), electrical engineer and inventor
Perry, William (1819–1880), bare-knuckle prizefighter
Phillippo, James Mursell (1798–1879), missionary
Prem, Dhani Ram (1904–1979), medical practitioner and political activist
Prosser, Richard (1804–1854), inventor and patent reformer
Prosser, Richard Bissell (1838–1918), patent examiner and historian of technology
Rylance, Ralph (1782–1834), miscellaneous writer and editor
Ryland, Louisa Anne (1814–1889), philanthropist
Sagar, Gyani Sundar Singh (1917–1996), Sikh scholar and campaigner for Sikh rights
Scott, Harry Clifford (1879–1947), comedian and pianist [see under Whaley, Edward Peter [Eddie] (1877x–1960)]
Shaw, John (1782–1859), entrepreneur and industrialist
Shaw, Elizabeth (1788–1869), businesswoman and correspondent [see under Shaw, John (1782–1859)]
Shaw, Sir (Theodore Frederick) Charles Edward, baronet (1859–1942), industrialist and politician [see under Shaw, John (1782–1859)]
Shurmer, Percy Lionel Edward (1888–1959), politician
Sidney, Sabrina (1756/7–1843), subject of a study in child development
Simmons, Charles James (1893–1975), politician and evangelical preacher
Singh, Diwan (1894–1983), doctor and Sikh community leader
Singh, Makhan (1913–1973), printer, trade unionist, and political activist
Skidmore, Francis Alfred (1817–1896), art metal worker
Smith, John Pigott (1798–1861), surveyor
Smith, Sir William Reardon, first baronet (1856–1935), shipowner and philanthropist
Stanford, Peter Thomas (1860–1909), Baptist minister
Sturge, Mary Darby [Maida] (1865–1925), medical practitioner
Swinnerton, Sir John (bap. 1564, d. 1616), merchant and City politician
Taunton, John of (d. 1291), abbot of Glastonbury
Thomas, Brinley (1906–1994), economist
Thomason, Henry Richard Yeoville (1826–1901), architect
Thomson, Sir Arthur Peregrine (1890–1977), physician and university teacher
Thornton, Robert (d. 1533), abbot of Jervaulx
Timmins, Samuel (1826–1902), hardware manufacturer and bibliophile
Tinsley, Eliza (1813–1882), manufacturer
Visram, Alidina (1851–1916), businessman and philanthropist
Wallis, Sir Whitworth (1855–1927), museum and art gallery curator
Webb, (Martha) Beatrice (1863–1951), medical practitioner
Whaley, Edward Peter [Eddie] (1877x80–1960), comedian and singer
White, William (1820–1900), municipal politician and philanthropist
Williamson family (per. c.1855–c.1934), metalworkers
Williamson, William Blizard (1810/11–1878), tinplate and sheet metal manufacturer [see under Williamson family (per. c.1855–c.1934)]
Williamson, William Blizard (1839/40–1895), tinplate and sheet metal manufacturer [see under Williamson family (per. c.1855–c.1934)]
Williamson, George Henry (1845–1918), tinplate and sheet metal manufacturer [see under Williamson family (per. c.1855–c.1934)]
Williamson, George Evans (1887–1970), tinplate and sheet metal manufacturer [see under Williamson family (per. c.1855–c.1934)]
Wilson, Francesca Mary (1888–1981), schoolteacher and refugee relief worker
Winfield, Robert Walter (1799–1869), brass manufacturer
Wong, Anna May (1905–1961), actress
Wright, John Skirrow (1822–1880), manufacturer and politician

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