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New lives, May 2013

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New subjects

Aethelwig (d. 1077/8), abbot of Evesham and administrator
Albone, Daniel (1860–1906), cycle and motor tractor manufacturer
Andrews, Robert (1725–1806), landowner and subject of a painting by Thomas Gainsborough
Andrews, Frances (1732–1780), subject of a painting by Thomas Gainsborough [see under Andrews, Robert (1725–1806)]
Arthington, Henry (fl. 1569–1609), religious conspirator and writer
Barnato, (Joel) Woolf (1895–1948), racing driver [see under Bentley Boys (act. 1919–1931)]
Benjafield, Joseph Dudley (1887–1957), bacteriologist and racing driver [see under Bentley Boys (act. 1919–1931)]
Bennett, Timothy (1676/7–1756), cordwainer and public access campaigner
Bentley Boys (act. 1919–1931), racing drivers
Bilocca, Lillian [Lil] (1929–1988), trawler safety campaigner
Birkin, Sir Henry Ralph Stanley (1896–1933), racing driver [see under Bentley Boys (act. 1919–1931)]
Bishop, George (b. in or before 1538, d. 1610/11), bookseller
Blain, Sir Herbert Edwin (1870–1942), safety campaigner and political agent
Bond, Lawrence (1907–1974), engineer and motor vehicle designer
Bonus (fl. 1327–1333), abbot of Tavistock
Borders, Elsie Florence Eva (1905–1971), housing activist
Borders, James Walter (Jim) (1901–1967), housing activist [see under Borders, Elsie Florence Eva (1905–1971)]
Budding, Edwin Beard (1796–1846), engineer and inventor
Butcher, John George, Baron Danesfort (1851–1935), lawyer and politician
Chinnok, John (d. 1420), abbot of Glastonbury
Clement, Frank Charles (1886–1970), engineer and racing driver [see under Bentley Boys (act. 1919–1931)]
Clyve, Richard (d. 1326), Benedictine monk
Colyns, Thomas (d. 1539), prior of Tywardreath
Cooke, Sir (Ernest George) Stenson (1874–1942), secretary of the Automobile Association and fencer
Cordery, Violette (1900?–1983), racing driver
Cowper, Christabel (b. c.1495, d. 1562?), prioress of Marrick
Crisp, Dorothy (1906–1987), author and political activist
Crosby, (Thomas) Frederick Gordon (1885–1943), motoring artist
Davis, Sydney Charles Houghton (1887–1981), journalist and racing driver [see under Bentley Boys (act. 1919–1931)]
Deeping, John (d. 1439), abbot of Peterborough
Denly, Albert William (1900–1989), motorcycle racer and motor engineer
Don, Kaye Ernest (1892–1981), motor racing driver and water speed record-holder
Duff, John Francis (1895–1958), racing driver [see under Bentley Boys (act. 1919–1931)]
Duller, George Edward (1891–1962), racing driver and jockey [see under Bentley Boys (act. 1919–1931)]
Dunfee, Jack Lawson (1901–1975), racing driver [see under Bentley Boys (act. 1919–1931)]
Dunfee, (Beresford) Clive (1904–1932), racing driver [see under Bentley Boys (act. 1919–1931)]
Durrant, Albert Arthur Molteno [Bill] (1898–1984), mechanical engineer and vehicle designer
Eldridge, Ernest Arthur Douglas (1897–1935), motor racer and world land speed record-holder
Evesham, John (d. 1370), prior of Worcester
Fella, Thomas (bap. 1556, d. 1639), draper and calligrapher
Felmersham, Elizabeth (d. 1446), abbess of Godstow
Forshaw, John Henry (1895–1973), architect and urban planner
Frood, Herbert (1864–1931), inventor and manufacturer
Fulton, Norman Osborne (1872–1935), engineer [see under Murray, Thomas Blackwood (1871–1929)]
Gallop, (Reginald) Clive (1892–1960), engineer [see under Bentley Boys (act. 1919–1931)]
Gardner, (Alfred Thomas) Goldie (1890–1958), racing motorist and speed record breaker
Gascoigne, Sir Thomas, eighth baronet (1745–1810), traveller and politician
Green, Leslie William (1875–1908), architect
Griffin, Sir Herbert John Gordon (1889–1969), campaigner for conservation
Grineau, Charles William (1883–1957), artist
Guinness, Kenelm Edward Lee (1887–1937), businessman and motor racing driver
Gunn, Wilbur Adams (1860–1920), motor vehicle manufacturer and singer
Hamilton, Gerald Francis Bernard (1890–1970), literary prototype, author, and rogue
Hawker, Harry George (1889–1921), aviator
Hindmarsh, John Stuart (1907–1938), test pilot and racing driver [see under Cordery, Violette (1900?–1983)]
Hislop, Robert Steven (1962–2003), racing motorcyclist
Holden, Sir (Henry) Capel Lofft (1856–1937), army officer and inventor
Hollewey, William (d. in or before 1557?), prior of Bath
Hornby, Charles (bap. 1670?, d. 1739), political pamphleteer and public servant
Howe, Francis Richard Henry Penn Curzon, fifth Earl Howe (1884–1964), politician and motorist
Jeffreys, William Rees (1871–1954), promoter of roads and road transport
Johnston, George (1855–1945), engineer
Jordayne, Isabel (d. in or before 1534), abbess of Wilton
Kidston, (George Pearson) Glen (1899–1931), racing driver and aviator [see under Bentley Boys (act. 1919–1931)]
Knight, Margaret Kennedy (1903–1983), humanist writer and psychologist
Lambert, Percy Edgar (1880–1913), motor racing driver and car dealer
Leonard, Thomas Arthur (1864–1948), founder of associations for holidays and outdoor recreation
Levinson, Maurice (1911–1984), taxi driver and author
Levitt, Dorothy Elizabeth (1882–1922), motorist and author
Lewis, John (bap. 1713, d. 1792), brewer and public access campaigner
Lord, Leonard Percy, Baron Lambury (1896–1967), engineer and motor vehicle manufacturer
Macklin, Sir (Albert) Noel Campbell (1886–1946), racing motor car and warship manufacturer [see under Cordery, Violette (1900?–1983)]
Marston, John (1836–1918), vehicle manufacturer
Martin, Lionel Walker Birch (1878–1945), motor vehicle dealer and manufacturer
Maunsell, Dorothea (b. 1749x51), figure of scandal
Mays, (Thomas) Raymond (1899–1980), racing driver and businessman
McLaren, Bruce Leslie (1937–1970), motor racing driver and constructor
Murray, Thomas Blackwood (1871–1929), engineer
Negri, Solomon (bap. 1665, d. 1727), Arabic scholar and translator
Orde, Sir Julian Walter (1861–1929), secretary and general manager of the Royal Automobile Club (RAC)
Page, Sir (Rodney) Graham (1911–1981), politician and road safety campaigner
Parnell, Reginald (1911–1964), motor racing driver and manager
Petre, Kathleen Coad (1903–1994), motor racing driver and journalist
Petre, Henry Aloysius (1884–1962), air force officer [see under Petre, Kathleen Coad (1903–1994)]
Railton, Reid Antony (1895–1977), motor engineer
Riley, William Edward (1852–1937), architect and engineer
Rubin, Bernard (1896–1936), motorist and aviator [see under Bentley Boys (act. 1919–1931)]
Russell, George Neville [Charles] (1899–1971), army officer and director of nationalized road transport
Russell, John Francis Stanley [Frank], second Earl Russell (1865–1931), politician, motorist, and litigant
Sayer, Malcolm Gilbert (1916–1970), automobile engineer
Scammell, Alfred George (1878–1941), army officer and manufacturer of commercial motor vehicles
Shelley, Elizabeth (d. 1547), abbess of St Mary's, Winchester
Sinclair, Donald McIntyre (1901–1971), passenger transport engineer and manager
Smith, Edward Shrapnell Shrapnell- (1875–1952), promoter of commercial road transport
Smith, George William Quick (1905–1986), road transport administrator
Smith, Walter Parry Haskett (1859–1946), rock climber
Somerset, George Henry Fitzroy, third Baron Raglan (1857–1921), army officer and politician
Staniland, Christopher Stainbank (1905–1942), test pilot and motor racer
Stewart, Gwenda Mary (1894–1990), racing driver
Taylor, Edmund Seyfang (1853–1908), walker and author of guidebooks
Taylor, Simon (1739–1813), slave owner and politician
Taylour, Helen Frances [Fay] (1904–1983), racing motorist and political activist
Thomson, James Merriman Archer (1863–1912), rock climber and headmaster
Tripp, Sir (Herbert) Alker (1883–1954), police officer and town planner
Williams, Tom Lawrence [Laurie] (1890–1964), motor engineer and entrepreneur
Williamson, Alice Muriel (1867/8–1933), writer
Williamson, Charles Norris (1857–1920), writer [see under Williamson, Alice Muriel (1867/8–1933)]
Wisdom, Elsie Mary [Bill] (1904–1972), racing driver
Wisdom, Thomas Henry (1907–1972), racing driver and motoring journalist [see under Wisdom, Elsie Mary [Bill] (1904–1972)]
Worstede, William (d. 1436), prior of Norwich
Wygenhale, Thomas (d. 1406?), Premonstratensian canon and writer
Zborowski, Louis Vorow (1895–1924), motor racing driver and creator of aero-engined cars

New reference groups

Association movement (act. 1780–1785)
Yorkshire Association (act. 1779–1785)

New portraits

Allen, John Willoughby Tarleton (1904-1979), colonial educationist and Swahili scholar
Annesley, Samuel (bap. 1620, d. 1696), clergyman and ejected minister
Asbury, Francis (1745-1816), a founder of the American Methodist Episcopal church
Bourne, Hugh (1772-1852), founder of the Primitive Methodist church
Cennick, John (1718-1755), lay preacher and Moravian minister
Champion, Harry William Henry Crump (1865-1942), music-hall entertainer
Conway, Russ Trevor Herbert Stanford (1925-2000), pianist and composer
Down, John Langdon Haydon Langdon- (1828-1896), physician and expert in mental science
Du Pré, Jacqueline Mary (1945-1987), cellist
Garrow, Sir William (1760-1840), barrister and judge
Gravelet, Jean-François Émile Blondin, Charles Blondin (1824-1897), tightrope walker
Gwynn [Gwyn, Gwynne], John (bap. 1713, d. 1786), architect
Hasler, Herbert George (1914-1987), inventor of sailing equipment and Royal Marines officer
Madan, Martin (1725-1790), Church of England clergyman and advocate of polygamy
Merlin, John Joseph (1735-1803), inventor
Merret Merrett, Christopher (1614-1695), physician and writer on natural philosophy
Percival, Arthur Ernest (1887-1966), army officer
Rainton, Sir Nicholas (1569-1646), mayor of London
Ramsden, Harry (1888-1963), fish and chip restaurateur
Severs, Dennis Lee (1948-1999), collector and museum creator
Somer [Sommers], William (d. 1559), court fool
Stewart, John [called Walking Stewart] (1747-1822), philosopher and traveller
Warren, John Byrne Leicester, third Baron de Tabley (1835-1895), poet
Woollard, Frank George (1883-1957), developer of mass production

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