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New lives, September 2012

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New subjects

Agate, John Norman (1919–1998), geriatrician
Ali, Abdullah Yusuf (1872–1953), Indian civil servant and Islamic scholar
Bailey, Derrick Sherwin (1910–1984), Church of England priest and sexual ethicist
Barltrop, Mabel (1866–1934), prophet and founder of the Panacea Society
Barnes, Isaac Edmestone (1857–1930), land surveyor and businessman
Barrett, David (1914–1998), Finnish and Georgian scholar and translator
Barry, (Frank) Russell (1890–1976), bishop of Southwell and popular writer on religion
Barry, William Francis (1849–1930), Roman Catholic priest and novelist
Bartlett, Daniel Henry Charles (1871–1957), Church of England clergyman and missionary society administrator
Bennett, Sir Hubert (1909–2000), architect
Birkbeck, William John (1859–1916), ecumenist
Blackman, Peter McFarren (1909–1993), political activist
Boddy, Alexander Alfred (1854–1930), Church of England clergyman and leader of the Pentecostal movement
Bolton, John Eveleigh (1920–2003), industrialist and promoter of management education
Booth, Evangeline Cory (1865–1950), world leader of the Salvation Army
Boyd, James (1891–1970), German scholar
Britten, Emma Hardinge (1823–1899), spiritualist writer and lecturer
Brown, George Francis Graham (1891–1942), bishop in Jerusalem
Brown, Archibald Geikie (1844–1922), Baptist minister
Brown, Arthur Douglas (1874–1940), Baptist minister [see under Brown, Archibald Geikie (1844–1922)]
Bull, George Anthony (1929–2001), journalist and translator
Burroughs, Edward Arthur (1882–1934), bishop of Ripon
Chandler, Tony John (1928–2008), geographer and climatologist
Chapman, Vera (1902–2008), pioneer of the marriage guidance movement [see under Mace, David Robert (1907–1990)]
Cohen, John Michael (1903–1989), translator and literary scholar
Das, Krishnabhabini (1864–1919), author and social activist
Davies, (William Thomas) Pennar (1911–1996), poet, novelist, and Welsh nationalist
Davies, David Richard (1889–1958), writer, political agitator, and minister of religion
Davison, William (1925–1993), geriatrician
Downs, Brian Westerdale (1893–1984), literary scholar and translator
Dupree, William Thomas (1909–1992), boxer and blues pianist
Dutt, Michael Madhusudan (1824–1873), poet and playwright
Dwelly, Frederick William (1881–1957), Church of England clergyman
Edwards, Henry James [Harry] (1893–1976), spiritual healer
Elers, Peter Charles Edward (1930–1986), Church of England clergyman
Fairfield, Zoë Barbara (1878–1936), secretary of the Student Christian Movement
Fenn, (John) Eric (1899–1995), Presbyterian minister and broadcaster
Fox, Rachel Juliet (1858–1934), Southcottian [see under Barltrop, Mabel (1866–1934)]
Fyzee, Atiya (1877–1967), author, social reformer, and patron of the arts
Fyzee, Nazli (1874–1968), author and social reformer [see under Fyzee, Atiya (1877–1967)]
Fyzee, Zehra (1866–1940), author and social reformer [see under Fyzee, Atiya (1877–1967)]
Gilbert, (Arthur) Stuart Ahluwalia Stronge (1883–1969), Indian civil servant, translator, and literary scholar
Godwin, Frances [Fanny] (1794–1816), adopted daughter of William Godwin
Goodwin, Emily (1858–1943), Southcottian [see under Barltrop, Mabel (1866–1934)]
Gray, Arthur Herbert (1868–1956), Presbyterian minister and promoter of marriage guidance
Green, Peter (1871–1961), Church of England clergyman and Christian apologist
Grimshaw, Francis Joseph (1901–1965), Roman Catholic bishop of Plymouth and archbishop of Birmingham
Gulati, (Harbans) Lall (1895/1896–1967), general practitioner, ophthalmologist, and local politician
Hügel, Anatole Andreas Aloys von, Baron von Hügel in the nobility of the Holy Roman empire (1854–1928), ethnologist and promoter of the admission of Roman Catholics to Cambridge University
Hanson, Helen Beatrice de Rastricke (1874–1926), physician, missionary, and feminist
Haskins, Minnie Louise (1875–1957), author and industrial welfare promoter
Hathbrand, Robert (d. 1370), prior of Christ Church, Canterbury
Height, Amy (c.1866–1913), music hall entertainer
Hellberg, Lucy Milward Booth- (1868–1953), Salvation Army officer [see under Booth, Evangeline Cory (1865–1950)]
Henriques, (Louis) Fernando (1916–1976), social anthropologist
Holland, Vyvyan Beresford (1886–1967), author and translator
Houselander, (Frances) Caryll (1901–1954), religious author
Hutchinson, Marjorie Eileen Henrietta Grice- , Baroness von Schlippenbach (1909–2003), historian of economic thought and Hispanist
Ilsley, Edward (1838–1926), Roman Catholic bishop and archbishop of Birmingham
Irvine, Robin Eliot [Bobby] (1920–2002), geriatrician
Jeffreys, George (1889–1962), revivalist and founder of the Elim Pentecostal church
Johnston, (Olaf) Raymond (1927–1985), director of the Nationwide Festival of Light
Jones, (Margaret) Monica Beale (1922–2001), university teacher and friend of Philip Larkin
Kamal-ud-Din, Khwaja (1870–1932), Islamic scholar and missionary
Kilmartin, Joanna Wendy Margaret (1929–2005), journalist and translator [see under Kilmartin, Terence Kevin [Terry] (1922–1991)]
Kilmartin, Terence Kevin [Terry] (1922–1991), journalist and translator
King, Gertrude May (1867–1954), social worker and missionary
Kitson, Alfred (1855–1934), spiritualist
Koteliansky, Samuel Solomonovich (1880–1955), translator and literary associate
Krishnavarma, Shyamji (1857–1930), Sanskrit scholar and Indian nationalist
Lax, William Henry (1868–1937), Methodist minister
Leonard, Gladys Isabel Osborne (1882–1968), spiritualist and trance medium
Lichfield, Clement (d. 1546), abbot of Evesham
Maccomo, Martini (1835/1836–1871), lion tamer
MacCunn, John (1846–1929), philosopher
Mace, David Robert (1907–1990), Methodist minister and pioneer of the marriage guidance movement
Mander, Noel Percy (1912–2005), organ builder and restorer
Marke, Ernest Patrick (1902–1995), seaman and club owner
Martin, Sir John Miller (1904–1991), civil servant
Mathew, Arnold Harris (1852–1919), clergyman and writer
McIntyre, David Martin (1859–1938), theologian and pastor
Olbrich, Oscar (1901–1957), gerontologist and geriatrician
Oliver, Ellen Frederica (1870–1921), Southcottian [see under Barltrop, Mabel (1866–1934)]
Owen, George Vale (1869–1931), Church of England clergyman and spiritualist writer
Parker, Alexander Augustine (1908–1989), Spanish scholar
Phillips, Harold Adolphus (1929–2000), calypsonian and music promoter
Pole, Katherine de la (1410/11–1473), abbess of Barking
Pomerans, Arnold Julius (1920–2005), translator
Putterill, John Cyril (1892–1980), Church of England clergyman
Redfern, Lawrence (1888–1967), Unitarian minister
Remond, Sarah Parker (1826–1894), slavery abolitionist and doctor
Ringmer, Thomas (d. 1311?), prior of Christ Church, Canterbury
Sachs, Sir Michael Alexander Geddes (1932–2003), solicitor and judge
Saggar, Jainti Dass (1898–1954), medical practitioner and politician
Scawen, Sir Thomas (c.1654–1730), merchant and politician [see under Scawen, Sir William (1646/–1722)]
Scawen, Sir William (1646/7–1722), merchant and politician
Sessarakoo, William Ansah (b. c.1730, d. 1770), African visitor to Britain
Seymour, Alice (1857–1947), schoolteacher and expositor and publisher of the writings of Joanna Southcott
Shaw, Geoffrey Mackintosh (1927–1978), Church of Scotland minister and politician
Sheepshanks, John (1834–1912), bishop of Norwich
Shirburn, John (1335/6–1408), abbot of Selby
Slack, Agnes Elizabeth (1858–1946), temperance advocate
Slack, Sir John Bamford- (1857–1909), politician [see under Slack , Agnes Elizabeth (1858–1946)]
Smith, Constance Adelaide (1878–1938), reviver of mothering Sunday
Smith, Ronald Gregor (1913–1968), theologian
Southcott, Ernest William (1915–1976), Church of England clergyman
Strong, Jonathan (c.1747–1773), de facto freed slave
Tagore, Satyendranath (1842–1923), Indian civil servant and author
Tawney, Cyril Francis (1930–2005), folk-singer and songwriter
Thomas, (Emanuel) Peter John Adeniyi (1914–1945), air force officer
Thomas, (William Henry) Griffith (1861–1924), Anglican evangelical theologian and educator
Tillotson, Geoffrey (1905–1969), literary scholar
Tippet, Sir Anthony Sanders (1928–2006), naval officer and public servant
Troup, John [Jock] (1896–1954), evangelist
Tucker, Emma Moss Booth- (1860–1903), Salvation Army officer [see under Booth, Evangeline Cory (1865–1950)]
Vidler, Alexander Roper [Alec] (1899–1991), Church of England clergyman and Christian apologist
Vivian, Thomas (d. 1533), prior of Bodmin and suffragan bishop
Wakefield, Henry Russell (1854–1933), bishop of Birmingham
Warman, (Frederic Sumpter) Guy (1872–1953), bishop of Manchester
Watson, David Christopher Knight (1933–1984), Church of England clergyman
Whitfield, John Humphreys (1906–1995), Italian scholar
Williams, Denis Joseph Ivan (1923–1998), artist, archaeologist, and novelist
Williams, Eluned [Lyn] Woodford- (1913–1984), geriatrician
Woods, Edward Sydney (1877–1953), bishop of Lichfield

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