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Marvellous Movember in the MODNB

Raymond Glendinning

To celebrate this year’s Movember, we’ve searched the Oxford DNB’s 59,655 biographies and 11,363 portraits for some of the finest moustaches in British history.

Nearly 500 people have moustaches mentioned & memorialized in their ODNB entries. That's even more whiskers than a Hoxton microbrewery. Here’s a small selection. Click on a portrait to read on: then click again on the image for a closer look.

And throughout the coming month we’ll be tweeting a daily ‘Mr Movember’: from ‘clipped’, ‘waxed’, ‘drooping’, & ‘luxurious’ to ‘pencil’, ‘handlebar’, ‘bristling’ & ‘false’.

Sir Joseph Beecham Abbas Hilmi II Richard Pate Selwyn Edge
John Postgate Frederick Burnaby Prince Albert Victor Wenceslaus Hollar
Rudyard Kipling Harry Wheatcroft William Barclay Thomas Beach
Bernard Leach Sir Aston Webb Abdul Karim Sir Joseph Bazalgette

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400 years of moustaches, mutton chops, & whiskers

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