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The Oxford DNB RSS web feed

The Oxford DNB feed alerts you to all new free content and interesting changes on the Oxford DNB web site. That's:

  • a free biography every day with our Life of the Day
  • topical biographies and features
  • Oxford DNB news and update information.

Subscribe to the Oxford DNB RSS web feed

Our feed is in RSS (Really Simple Syndication) format, and contains headlines only, with links back to our web site.

How to subscribe

Either: add the address of our feed to your feedreader: http://www.oxforddnb.com/public/rss.xml.

Or: if you have a personalized home page (for example with BT Yahoo, or Google), you can add this feed as content on that page.

Add to My Yahoo!

Use this button to add our feed as content to your BT Yahoo or Yahoo home page

Add to Google

Use this button to add our feed to Google reader or your Google personalised home page

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If you're new to the world of web feeds, you might have some questions ...

What is a feed?

  • A web feed is a way for a web site to send you fresh content: the headlines from the site, delivered to your desktop. If the headline looks interesting, click on it to read the whole article.

What does it cost?

  • It's free. You don't even need to register, or hand over your email address.

Why are feeds exciting?

  • Web feeds are springing up all over the internet. Instead of clicking around all your favourite sites to check for anything new, or interesting, subscribe to their web feeds. Feeds bring you your own, personalized, highlights of the internet.

How do I subscribe to the feed?

  • You can read the feed either through your browser, via a web site, or with some special feed reader software (some of which is free). Run a web search for 'Feed readers' to find out some options, or explore some of these avenues (but please note that Oxford DNB can neither recommend software nor give assistance in installation or use):

    Through your browser: some browsers can read feeds: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, and Safari (Macs only). Subscribing is as simple as bookmarking a page.

    Through a personalized home page: several companies are now offering personalized home pages (Google and My Yahoo are two examples; Microsoft's Windows Live is in beta). You may need to register, but once you have a personalized start page, you can add different feeds to it to make it truly your own.

    Through a special web site: some web sites are dedicated to tracking feeds for you. Bloglines is a popular option; Google also has a reader. They are free, but you'll need to register.

    With a feed reader program: you can download a program (some are free) to manage all your feeds. Popular readers for PCs include Newz Crawler and Feedreader (free), and for Macs, NetNewsWire (free version available).

I still don't get it ...

  • We'd recommend that you have a look at the BBC web site, which has

By subscribing to our web feed, you are deemed to have accepted our terms of use.

Comments? Please email us: epm-oxforddnb@oup.com

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