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London & Londoners in the Oxford DNB

The Oxford DNB includes the stories of over 7500 native Londoners, and many more one-time residents, from the Romans to 21st century. Here you’ll find a selection of famous names—and a few surprises.

Choose a borough to read (or listen) on. Then ‘Click to enlarge’ for central Londoners.

More Londoners in the Oxford DNB

Joseph Bazalgette, civil engineer Philippa of Hainault, queen of England Luke Howard, namer of clouds William Morris, designer Podcast: Ian Dury, singer Clemence of Barking, nun Redbridge Harry Willcock, campaigner William Heath Robinson, cartoonist George Scorey, Wembley 1923 Robert Geffery, Geffrye Museum Roger Crab, Hillingdon hermit Roger Crab, Hillingdon hermit Thomas Wilson, Hampstead Heath Peckham Pioneers Dr Crippen of Holloway Podcast: Bobby Moore, king of West Ham William Bowler, City hatter Sidney Bloom, restaurateur Michael Balcon, Ealing Studios Esther Bruce, seamstress Podcast: Deen Mahomed, 1st Indian restaurant William Hogarth, painter Charles Harrod, shopkeeper Olive Morris, Brixton activist Ruth Belville, 'time lady' Philip Webb, the Red House William Hooker, botanist of Kew Henry 'Dog' Smith, benefactor Frederick Horniman, museum founder Samuel Crisp, Chessington playwright Podcast: Fred Perry, Wimbledon legend Thomas Wall, sausage maker Thomas Wall, sausage maker Irene Lovelock, campaigner Joseph Paxton, Crystal Palace Podcast: Ian Dury, singer Click to enlarge

©Getty Images, London map c. 1902.

More Londoners in the Oxford DNB

The complete ODNB includes the stories of over 58,000 men & women who’ve shaped British history, worldwide. Online access is available free—anywhere, any time—via nearly all UK public libraries.

Horatio Nelson Nyree Dawn Porter Constantine I Anne Boleyn Winston Churchill Eileen Agar

Use People Search to find Londoners by date and by place of birth, education, residence, death or burial (requires online access, via UK public libraries). For example:

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