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Blackstone's Police Manuals and Q&As 2015 Online offers an excellent comprehensive package of all four fully searchable online versions of the Blackstone's Police Manuals plus the Blackstone's Police Q&As*. Fully linked together you can follow the corresponding cross reference and seamlessly check each of your answers in the Manuals.

The Blackstone's Police Manuals and Q&As 2015 Online service offers these unique features:

  • Optimised online access to the complete text of all four Blackstone's Police Manuals plus an extensive online database of 2400 exam-style practice questions to test your knowledge on all areas of the syllabus
  • All the material you need to pass your promotion exams - now accessible from any PC, iPad, iPhone, or Android device
  • New questions are added monthly, and the service is revised annually alongside the Blackstone's Police Manuals
  • The ONLY service to provide direct links from the detailed answers in Blackstone's Police Q&As Online to the relevant section of the Blackstone's Police Manuals Online - creating a comprehensive and integrated learning package
  • Gain detailed feedback on your performance and a full user history - learn where your areas of strength and weakness lie, and channel your revision into the most relevant areas of the syllabus
  • Quick search by subject area, legislation, case name, or consolidated A-Z index

*Blackstone's Police Q&A Online 2015 is not endorsed by College of Policing.

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