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Plaintiffs to appeal Georgia State University decision

Plaintiffs to appeal Georgia State University decision

11 September 2012

Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press USA, and SAGE today announce our intention to appeal the May 11, 2012, decision in the copyright case with Georgia State University (GSU).

As publishers who are of the academy ourselves—two of us are in fact university departments—this is a decision we have taken only after considerable discussion within our organizations and consultation with authors whose work we publish.  We can scarcely overstate our commitment to the core mission of the library as a cultural institution. 

From the earliest days of this litigation, we have been solely focused on the need for a solution that is genuinely workable for all participants in the academic community, one that respects established fair use principles and basic copyright protection for our authors’ work without unduly encumbering teachers and librarians.

This case had the potential to mark a significant first step toward addressing the need for clarity around issues of copyright in the context of higher education, where current practices around fair use in a digital environment vary widely and could benefit from sound judicial guidance. Our hope was that the District Court would provide that guidance. 

Instead, the Court’s rulings, culminating in the August injunction decision, shift radically from long-accepted fair use principles and introduce, among other errors, unsustainable policies regarding the proportion of a work not readily available for digital licensing that can be digitally copied without restriction.  We have no alternative but to appeal, to protect our authors’ copyrights and advocate for a balanced and workable solution.

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