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OUP's Annual Report 2010/11 published today

28 July 2011

Success in global academic and educational publishing, an increasing global reach, and an ambitious programme of investments are key themes outlined in the Annual Report of Oxford University Press (OUP), published today.

OUP, a department of the University of Oxford, had a successful year in which it published more than 6,000 titles ranging from individual print works to major online platforms. Its total annual sales were £649 million, with 87 per cent of those outside the UK and 37 per cent in emerging markets.

Its academic divisions, which were merged into a single Global Academic Business in July 2010, performed well despite difficult market conditions. Important publishing achievements included the relaunch of the Oxford English Dictionary website; the publication of Oxford Bibliographies Online, an innovative online-only scholarly resource; and the launch of Oxford Dictionaries Online, a free dictionary site that provides Oxford dictionary content for users worldwide.
OUP also extended its reach in emerging schools markets such as India and China, and built on its position in developed markets. It saw primary maths expansion in the UK, helped by the acquisition of Numicon; and its ELT division saw continued success of its online assessment system, Oxford English Testing.
The report highlights the continuing growth of OUP’s digital publishing. This year it extended many key online reference products; sales of the innovative online distance-learning course My Oxford English grew in Spain; and Oxford dictionary content is now embedded in a range of mobile devices including Amazon’s Kindle and many Apple products.
Nigel Portwood, Chief Executive of Oxford University Press, commented: “We’re proud of last year’s excellent results, but we don’t under-estimate the challenges publishers are facing. Success not only demonstrates effectiveness in fulfilling the University’s educational goals, but gives us the confidence and capability to continue with our wide-ranging schedule of investments.

“We’ve already launched some exciting publishing projects, invested in innovative digital developments, and extended our reach into more emerging markets—these and many more initiatives in the pipeline will ensure that we’re well-placed to meet our customers’ educational and research requirements in the future.”

A successful sales year combined with efficient management led to a surplus of £125m this year. However, increased investment is expected to reduce OUP’s surplus levels in the near future.