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OUP launches first learners’ dictionary for academic English

OUP launches first learners’ dictionary for academic English

26 February 2014

OUP today launched the only dictionary for learners of English to focus exclusively on academic English.

As more and more students take up academic courses where they will be studying in English, there is a growing need to support these students with the vocabulary and the written skills that their course demands.

The Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Academic English provides the tools they need to plan, write, and review their written work and guides them through the aspects of writing they find most difficult.

The dictionary gives in-depth treatment of more than 22,000 academic English words and phrases that are used across the disciplines. It is based on the new 85-million word Oxford Corpus of Academic English which includes hand-picked and authentic texts. Full-sentence examples from the corpus are used throughout the dictionary, showing how words work in relevant academic contexts, helping students to use words correctly in their own academic writing.

The dictionary includes a 48-page Oxford Academic Writing Tutor and interactive Oxford Academic iWriter on CD-ROM where students can take a guided tour of model texts to see how to plan and structure a range of assignments, with advice on grammar and language. They can then use these model texts to work on their own assignments and export them into Word for printing and handing in.

Diana Lea, Managing Editor of the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Academic English at Oxford University Press said: ‘We wanted to create a dictionary that focused exclusively on academic English, giving detailed help not only with words, phrases and collocations, but with planning and structuring academic written work, all supported by examples of genuine academic English and model texts by expert writers. I believe the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Academic English will make students more confident about writing clear, precise, appropriate academic English.’

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