The 2017 Oxford University Press Summer Internship Scheme is now closed

The Summer Internship scheme is now closed to new applicants. All candidates should receive an update on their application in the coming weeks.

The Summer Internship scheme will last for eight consecutive weeks over the summer period, providing the opportunity for those interested in a career in publishing and business to gain valuable insights into a publishing house.

The internship scheme is Oxford-based and the 2017 scheme will start on 3 July 2017 and finish on 25 August 2017. Interviews for the internship will take place throughout May 2017. We will only accept two summer internship applications. If you apply for more than two internships only the first two applications will be considered.

Here's what some of our past interns have had to say about their experience working at OUP:

Alice Jones

University of Nottingham, UK-French

I've been surprised at how staff at OUP have been so willing to spare half an hour to tell me about what they do. A particular highlight of the internship has been to talk to people living and working in markets abroad, as a significant part of the ELT (English Language Teaching) department is based in other countries. Being in the Marketing department was completely new to me, but it's great to be able to say that I've learned about part of the publishing process I knew very little about. I'm in ELT's Central Research team, and far from just completing routine tasks, I've been given an individual project that has challenged me and really brought on my research and presentation skills.

Ryan Ehlers

Imperial College London, UK-Physics

My degree was in physics, so I was a bit concerned when I started looking that there might not be any roles for me in publishing, or that I'd be the odd one out, but it hasn't been the case at all. I've been working on MyMaths, which is a website used to teach maths in schools, and it's wonderfully exciting to think that the work I'm doing is going to help millions of children learn maths.

Michele Cheng

University of Alberta, Canada - English

Edinburgh Napier University, UK - Publishing I was initially a bit hesitant to apply for this internship because the Press has such an esteemed reputation and I did not think I fit the mould - certainly not with my twangy Canadian accent. However, working in the ELT (English Language Teaching) department, I was pleasantly surprised to learn of just how international OUP's business is. I work primarily with American English products catered largely for markets in Asia and the Middle East. This means I get to meet and interact with very interesting people from all around the world as part of my work all the time.

Daniel Hall

University of Lancaster, UK - English Literature

My internship in marketing has been a great introductory role in the world of publishing. Despite having a background which could be considered more anticipatory of editorial work, I felt I quickly acclimated to the challenge of this unfamiliar field thanks to the instruction of managerial staff and colleagues. As a result, I've greatly broadened my professional experience and have gained invaluable insight into the process of modern publishing.

Here's what a few of our other interns have had to say: