Oxford University Press: Summer Internships for Students 2014

The Summer Internship application process for 2014 is now open.

Please see below the details of the various projects that will be included in the 2014 offering.

To apply, please see the Summer Internship Advert on the featured jobs page.

1. ELT - Marketing

Assisting with the delivery of Marketing campaigns for American Adult & Academic English titles through both digital marketing and traditional channels.

2. ELT - Marketing

Conducting research to further the ELT division's understanding of markets and customers. A standalone project, owned and managed by the intern, with support from the central ELT Research team, and involving contacts with editorial and sales staff from Oxford and overseas.

3. Global Academic - Dictionaries (Global Language Solutions)

Supporting projects by reorganizing and maintaining internal sites and databases.

4. Global Academic - Dictionaries (Publishing, Online, & Projects)

Supporting the editorial team by identifying and preparing new resources for online publishing.

5. Global Academic - Operations

Maintaining the quality standards of the content on our online platform by managing a database of reported errors and gaps within the archive, ranging from small typos to entirely missing volumes of journal content.

6. Global Academic - Rights & Dictionaries

Market research into future licensing opportunities and Digital rights availability research and clearance from the GAB and OXED lists.

7. Global Academic - Content Operations, Higher Education

Assisting production staff in a variety of production tasks so as to help maintain publication dates during crucial publishing periods.

8. Global Academic - Content Operations , Law

Assuming responsibility for a forthcoming online product update of either: Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law (OSAIL); or Oxford Legal Research Library (OLRL).

9. Global Academic - Higher Education

Conducting research in order to support the Development Editors and to inform future decisions about a certain aspect of HE publishing.

10. Global Academic - Higher Education (Law)

Conducting research in order to support the publishing team and to inform future decisions about a certain aspect of HE publishing.

11. Global Academic - Higher Education (Social Sciences)

Conducting research in order to support the publishing team and to inform future decisions about a certain aspect of HE publishing.

12. Global Academic - Marketing (HE)

Undertaking a large-scale market analysis looking at adoption sales, and helping to prepare for the September Sales Conference.

13. Global Academic - Marketing (Services)

Working alongside the Customer Data Analyst to identify and address issues in the CRM source data feeds.

14. Global Academic - IT (Digital Product Development)

Assisting project managers in the digital product development department in project administration and website management across a variety of projects.

15. Global Academic - Scholarly Reference

Assisting in a project to create new and innovative ways to display biographical content across three website platforms.

16. Global Academic - Office of Strategy Management

Conducting an investigation into the feasibility of a cross-functional project by collecting information and feedback from various departments across the academic business.

17. Journals - End-user marketing

Compiling comprehensive analysis documents for selected society journals which can be used to inform marketing activities.

18. Journals - End-user Marketing

Establishing the size of the medical market and OUP's position within it, producing a detailed summary of current trends and completing research into our competitors.

19. OXED - Marketing (International)

Working with the Sales and Marketing team to understand the international schools market, manage the creation of the International A Level catalogue - including writing copy, briefing designers and checking proofs.

20. OXED - Primary Editorial (Maths)

Working within the editorial maths team, supporting editorial work on a major print and online publishing project.

21. OXED - Primary Editorial (Literacy)

Providing editorial support across our Treetops brand and conducting research into new opportunities and market needs.

22. OXED - Primary Editorial (UK Literacy)

Providing editorial support for the Project X team developing new readers and helping to develop and test eBooks.

23. OXED - Primary Editorial (School Improvement)

Providing editorial support across our online services, include attending film shoots; checking eBook content; tagging content; editing content; liaising with authors and key partners.