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The Oxford-Duden German Dictionary is produced by two of the world's leading dictionary publishers, Oxford University Press and the Bibliographisches Institut, Mannheim. For this new edition the design of the dictionary has been transformed by the use of colour and a new visual presentation, making it even more accessible and easy to use. Coverage has been increased and updated to take account of new vocabulary and recent developments in German and English. Thousands of additional words and phrases, selected using the unparalleled databases maintained and continually expanded by the publishers for their celebrated native-speaker dictionaries such as the Concise Oxford Dictionary of English and Das große Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache, reflect scientific and technological innovations, particularly in the field of information technology, as well as changes in politics, culture, and society.

Notes on the life and culture of the German- and English speaking countries of the world, new to this third edition, greatly extend the range of information provided in the text of the dictionary. Detailed usage boxes are also included to help with important areas of grammar and vocabulary. They highlight differences between German and English which may create difficulty for the learner and translator, explaining them in detail, and provide clear illustrative examples. Other boxes give the user key facts about types of words that behave alike, for example, names of towns and cities, languages, numbers, and days of the week. They provide ways of discussing topics such as age, dates, time, and measurements and offer essential practical information on asking the way, formulating greetings, apologizing, and letter-writing. Crossreferences to the boxes are given at all the relevant entries, making them easily accessible points of reference for students and valuable aids to teaching. This new edition also includes a correspondence section giving models for communicating by letter in a wide range of situations, and guidance on using the telephone and on SMS messaging.

The editors are confident that the new features and expanded, up-to-date coverage will enhance the reputation of the Oxford-Duden German Dictionary as the leading and most authoritative reference tool for school, college, and university students, business people, and all those who require the fullest possible information on German and English in a single volume.

Michael Clark
Oxford University Press