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Dictionary Skills Resource Pack

The Oxford Dictionary Skills Resource Pack has been designed to help lecturers show their students how to get the most out of their bilingual dictionaries. It is intended as the basis for a one-hour seminar.

Lecturers will need to download the lecture notes and powerpoint presentation. There is also a handout on grammatical terms used in the dictionary to give to students who may need re-usable refresher material on the basics of grammar.

There are three interactive exercises included in the seminar, and more online below, under the 'Test Yourself' section.


To view PDF documents, you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please note, files over 1MB can take several minutes to download.

Lecture notes (pdf: 1.25MB)
Lecture slides (ppt: 3MB)
Student's Quick Guide to Grammar Terms (pdf)
Test Yourself


  • Designed with flexibility in mind, this pack can be used as the basis for a one-hour seminar or integrated into a lecture course to focus on particular topics as and when your students need most practice.
  • Lecturer notes form the basis of the pack, and are supplemented by colour slides (available in PowerPoint) summarising key points and showing relevant dictionary entries.
  • Interactive exercises throughout the lecture give students the chance to practise what they have learned. With further interactive exercises available online from this website.
  • The pack familiarizes students with essential dictionary skills and illustrates the ways in which a good dictionary can help them translate into and out of the target language authentically.

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