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Boudreau and Swanson: Applied Computational Physics

Chapter 19: Continuum Dynamics

example code (.tgz)

  • BURGERS: solve Burger's equation using upwind differencing and a trick to eliminate nonlinearity (discussed in Exercise 19.18).
  • BVP: solution to Laplace's equation on (0,1)2 with V=0 on the bottom and left surfaces, and V=1 on the top and right surfaces.
  • FEM: finite element method solution to flow rate through a rectangular channel with fluid velocity fixed at the top surface.
  • FFT: fast Fourier transform solution to Δ u = exp(-x2+y2) on (0,1)2 with u=0 on the boundary.
  • HULL: The Jarvis March algorithm for obtaining the convex hull for a collection of points in two dimensions.
  • IVP: Crank-Nicolson solution to the one-dimensional advection-diffusion equation.
  • SCHRO: alternating direction implicit Crank-Nicolson solution to two-dimensional quantum scattering from a cylindrical barrier.

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