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Course Books: IB Diploma Course Books are essential resource materials designed in cooperation with the IB to provide students with extra support through their IB studies. Course Books provide advice and guidance on specific course assessment requirements, mirroring the IB philosophy and providing opportunities for critical thinking.

IB Skills & Practice books: Designed to provide IB students with a step-by-step approach to practicing the skills needed for success on exams, IB Skills & Practice books are packed with guidance, assessment support, and practical tasks. Aligned with current syllabuses these indispensable books are a must-have for all IB students.

Study Guides: Written by IB examiners, user-friendly Study Guides effectively reinforce key topics in a concise, user-friendly format, cementing understanding. Aligned with current syllabuses these indispensable books effectively prepare learners for assessment with revision support, past paper questions, and exam strategies.

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IB Biology: Study Guide



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IB Chemistry Course Book



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IB Chemistry: Study Guide



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