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Journal of Refugee Studies

Khalid Koser

Print ISSN: 0951-6328 | Online ISSN: 1471-6925

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Oxford Bibliographies

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Oxford Scholarship Online: Sociology

Quick and easy access to award-winning scholarship

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Public Policy & Aging Report

Robert B. Hudson

Print ISSN: 1055-3037 | Online ISSN: 2053-4892

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Refugee Survey Quarterly

Vincent Chetail

Print ISSN: 1020-4067 | Online ISSN: 1471-695X

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Social Explorer

The Premier Demographic Online Research Tool

Andrew Beveridge

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Social Forces

An International Journal of Social Research

Arne L. Kalleberg

Print ISSN: 0037-7732 | Online ISSN: 1534-7605

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Socio-Economic Review

Gregory Jackson, Bruno Amable, Nina Bandelj...

Print ISSN: 1475-1461 | Online ISSN: 1475-147X

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University Press Scholarship Online: Sociology

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