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  • Trans Bodies, Trans Selves

    Trans Bodies, Trans Selves

    "... a comprehensive resource of critical information that is both accurate and reliable ... written in a respectful way that is addressed to trans and questioning readers rather than at them or about them." -- Michael L. Hendricks, Ph.D., ABPP, Clinical Psychologist, Washington Psychological Center

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  • Treatments that Work

    Treatments that Work

    Reliable and effective, the series provides guides for therapists and workbooks for clients with step-by-step details on scientifically-proven treatments for psychological disorders.

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  • Counseling Psychology

    Counseling Psychology

    Discover our latest releases and bestsellers - from a prevention guide for youth suicide and bullying to a clinician's resource on couple therapy for depression.

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  • Oxford Handbooks Online - Psychology

    Oxford Handbooks Online - Psychology

    Scholarly Research Reviews | Enhanced Discoverability | A State of the Art Platform

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