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Cover for 9780195326895

American International Law Cases, Third Series: 1993-2005

Dean Bernard Reams


Cover for 14657260

American Law and Economics Review

Max Schanzenbach and Abraham Wickelgren

Print ISSN: 1465-7252 | Online ISSN: 1465-7260

Cover for 20449887

Arbitration Law Reports and Review

Stewart Shackleton

Print ISSN: 2044-8651 | Online ISSN: 2044-9887

Cover for 20449437

British Yearbook of International Law

James Crawford and Catherine Redgwell

Print ISSN: 0068-2691 | Online ISSN: 2044-9437

Cover for 17507227

Capital Markets Law Journal

Jeffrey Golden and Lachlan Burn

Print ISSN: 1750-7219 | Online ISSN: 1750-7227

Cover for 17469937

Chinese Journal of International Law

Sienho Yee

Print ISSN: 1540-1650 | Online ISSN: 1746-9937

Cover for 9780379002782

Constitutions of Dependencies and Territories

Philip Raworth


Cover for 9780379004670

Constitutions of the Countries of the World

Rudiger Wolfrum and Rainer Grote


Cover for 9780379001860

Constitutions of the United States

National and State

Oceana Editorial Board


Cover for 20448422

Current Legal Problems

Jeff King, Virginia Mantouvalou, and Charles Mitchell

Print ISSN: 0070-1998 | Online ISSN: 2044-8422

Cover for 9780379201574

Deskbook of Art Law

Second Edition

Leonard D. DuBoff, Christy O. King, and Michael D. Murray


Cover for 14643596

European Journal of International Law

Joseph Weiler

Print ISSN: 0938-5428 | Online ISSN: 1464-3596

Cover for 17441021

Human Rights Law Review

David Harris

Print ISSN: 1461-7781 | Online ISSN: 1744-1021

Cover for 20491999

ICSID Review - Foreign Investment Law Journal

Meg Kinnear and Campbell McLachlan QC

Print ISSN: 0258-3690 | Online ISSN: 2049-1999

Cover for 14643669

Industrial Law Journal

Simon Deakin

Print ISSN: 0305-9332 | Online ISSN: 1464-3669

Cover for 9780379002669

International Commercial Arbitration

Eric E. Bergsten


Cover for 20444001

International Data Privacy Law

Christopher Kuner

Print ISSN: 2044-3994 | Online ISSN: 2044-4001

Cover for 14742659

International Journal of Constitutional Law

J. H. H. Weiler and Michel Rosenfeld

Print ISSN: 1474-2640 | Online ISSN: 1474-2659

Cover for 14643693

International Journal of Law and Information Technology

Christopher Millard, Richard Susskind, OBE, Ian Lloyd...

Print ISSN: 0967-0769 | Online ISSN: 1464-3693

Cover for 14643707

International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family

John Eekelaar and Robert Dingwall

Print ISSN: 1360-9939 | Online ISSN: 1464-3707

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