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  • The American Revolution

    The American Revolution

    "Frances Kennedy deftly blends the finest historical writing on the Revolution to create a vibrant portrait of a society and a continent on fire... an invaluable guide for the history-minded traveler."

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  • American National Biography Online

    Get free access to fascinating biographies from our latest quarterly update. Read about philanthropist Brooke Astor, painter Cy Twombly, U.S. Senator Jesse Helms, Jr., and many more.

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  • Commemorate the WWI Centennial

    Commemorate the WWI Centennial

    Join us as we remember the Great War with specially commissioned contributions from our expert authors, free resources from our world-class products and insightful exclusives.

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  • The Oxford History of the United States

    The Oxford History of the United States

    The most respected multi-volume history of our nation, these books blend social, political, economic, cultural, diplomatic, and military history into coherent and vividly written narrative.

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  • Diplomatic History

    Diplomatic History

    Browse the latest releases - from the hidden origins of the Berlin Wall to a timely and provocative assessment of Islamist movements.

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