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African American Studies Center

Henry Louis Gates

Online Resource

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Berg Fashion Library

The Authority on World Dress

Online Resource

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David Hume: A Treatise of Human Nature

Two-volume set


David Fate Norton and Mary J. Norton

15 February 2011

Cover for 9780729409209

Electronic Enlightenment

An unparalleled online collection of inter-connected letters and documents from the 17th to the mid-19th centuries

Online Resource

Cover for 9780198069713

Freedom Struggle in Uttar Pradesh


S. A. A. Rizvi

24 April 2011

Cover for 9780199231690

Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law

The Definitive Guide to Public International Law

General Editor: Rudiger Wolfrum

Online Resource

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Oxford Bibliographies

Your Best Research Starts Here

Online Resource

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Oxford Bibliographies in African Studies

Your Best Research Starts Here

Thomas Spear

Online Resource

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Oxford Bibliographies in Art History

Your Best Research Starts Here

Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann

Online Resource

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Oxford Bibliographies in Latin American Studies

Your Best Research Starts Here

Ben Vinson

Online Resource

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Oxford Bibliographies in Latino Studies

Your Best Research Starts Here

Ilan Stavans

Online Resource

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Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Online

Who would you like to meet today?

Lawrence Goldman

Online Resource

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Oxford Handbooks Online: History

Scholarly Research Reviews

William Doyle

Online Resource

Cover for 9780199272334

Oxford Scholarship Online

Quick and easy access to award-winning scholarship

Online Resource

Cover for 9780199543885

Oxford Scholarship Online: History

Quick and easy access to award-winning scholarship

Online Resource

Cover for 9780199394494

Tangible Things

Making History through Objects

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Sarah Anne Carter, Ivan Gaskell...

Online Resource

Cover for 9780853239598

The Chronicle of Ireland


T. M. Charles-Edwards

08 January 2006

Cover for 9780199577316

The Correspondence of Henry Edward Manning and William Ewart Gladstone

The Complete Correspondence 1833-1891


Peter C. Erb

24 July 2013

Cover for 9780199558223

The Correspondence of Sir Philip Sidney


Roger Kuin

29 September 2012

Cover for 9780199688142

The Court Journals and Letters of Frances Burney

Volume III and IV: 1788


Lorna J. Clark

26 August 2014

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