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African American Studies Center

Henry Louis Gates

Online Resource

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American National Biography Online

The life of a nation told by the lives of its people

Susan Ware

Online Resource

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Australian Mini Thesaurus


Anne Knight

20 January 2005

Cover for 9780199899913

Benezit Dictionary of Artists

A foundational tool for the study of Art History

Stephen J. Bury

Online Resource

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Berg Fashion Library

The Authority on World Dress

Online Resource

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Burgundy Compact Wide Margin Bible King James Version


27 June 2008

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Cities, Citadels, and Sights of the Near East

Francis Bedford's Nineteenth-Century Photographs of Egypt, the Levant, and Constantinople


Sophie Gordon and Badr El Hage

01 October 2014

Cover for 9780199846641

Composing for Moving Pictures

The Essential Guide

Jason M. Gaines

Online Resource

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Discovering Tutankhamun

From Howard Carter to DNA


Zahi Hawass

15 December 2013

Cover for 9789774164101

Egypt Yesterday and Today


David Roberts, Fabio Bourbon, and Antonio Attini

01 February 2011

Cover for 9780729409209

Electronic Enlightenment

An unparalleled online collection of inter-connected letters and documents from the 17th to the mid-19th centuries

Online Resource

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Grove Art Online

The authority on art from pre-history to present day

Nicola Courtright

Online Resource

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Grove Music Online

The definitive source for music scholarship

Second Edition

Deane Root

Online Resource

Cover for 9780199231690

Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law

The Definitive Guide to Public International Law

General Editor: Rudiger Wolfrum

Online Resource

Cover for 9780198089216

Medical Encounters in British India


Deepak Kumar and Raj Sekhar Basu

05 May 2013

Cover for 9780195341119

Oxford Biblical Studies Online

A comprehensive resource for the study of the Bible and biblical history

Michael D. Coogan

Online Resource

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Oxford Bibliographies

Your Best Research Starts Here

Online Resource

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Oxford Bibliographies in African Studies

Your Best Research Starts Here

Thomas Spear

Online Resource

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Oxford Bibliographies in American Literature

Your Best Research Starts Here

Jackson R. Bryer

Online Resource

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Oxford Bibliographies in Art History

Your Best Research Starts Here

Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann

Online Resource

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