OUP Annual Report 2013/14


Key New Works

Alrededor de la Ciencia

Alrededor de la Ciencia (Around Science) (OUP España)

Alrededor de la Ciencia is a pre-primary series for 3—5-year-olds specifically developed to help students to experiment with science and understand their natural environment from a scientific point of view. It aims to teach basic principles in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, and ecology. The series comprises six booklets: Animales en el Aula (Animals in the Classroom); Todos Somos Seres Vivos (We Are All Living Beings); La Cocina (The Kitchen); El Huerto (The Allotment); Las Tres RRR (Recycling); and El Parque (The Playground).

English File

English File (English Language Teaching)

The best-selling English File teaches English to adults by placing heavy emphasis on fun and enjoyable lessons that get students talking. Texts are chosen with a view to their readability and ability to rouse interest in the reader. Every lesson contains exercises to combat poor pronunciation—identified as a major contributor to breakdowns in communication. The third edition of English File has seen the course’s content and components updated and improved for students and teachers. The digital package includes new English File iTool resources, a pronunciation app for mobiles, an online workbook, and websites for both students and teachers.

Everybody Up

Everybody Up (English Language Teaching)

Everybody Up is a seven-level course that motivates children by linking the English classroom to the wider world. It encourages children to use language in a natural and meaningful way by connecting English to their own lives. It includes colourful cross-curricular lessons, fun stories, and songs, whilst the Everybody Up 'Friends' motivate students to practise English at home. The course was launched with the help of an Everybody Up Global Sing-Along—a social media campaign that gave children and teachers around the world the chance to sing the same songs and share their performances.

GCSE Science Online Homework

GCSE Science Online Homework (Oxford Education)

GCSE Science Online Homework is a subscription website that allows teachers to assign homework in a straightforward and time-saving manner. Students can easily access the site from home and all activities are automatically marked to reduce the burden on teachers. The website aims to make homework an interactive experience, allowing students to complete their work multiple times and receive feedback as they go, with engaging activities designed to keep them motivated. This is the first online product the science team has developed and feedback from the market has been extremely positive.

IB Mathematics

IB Mathematics (Oxford Education)

Produced in response to changes in the International Baccalaureate Mathematics syllabus, IB Mathematics consists of a comprehensive suite of textbooks produced in partnership with the International Baccalaureate Organisation. Expert teachers were involved both as authors and reviewers to ensure that the resources enabled teachers to deliver the new syllabus. The textbooks frame mathematics in a meaningful, global context and come with an e-book, a full set of worked solutions, and extra support and exam-style questions on accompanying CDs.

Kamusi ya Watoto

Kamusi ya Watoto (OUP East Africa)

Kamusi ya Watoto is a monolingual (Swahili-Swahili) dictionary for children aged six to nine years, and all beginners of Kiswahili. The first of its kind in the market, it helps learners not only understand the language, but also equips them with dictionary skills in their formative years. Well received by students and teachers, it comes complete with more than 1,700 headwords, example sentences, and colour illustrations and also contains study pages, activities, and language games.

Let’s Go

Let’s Go (English Language Teaching)

English Language Teaching’s flagship American primary course, Let’s Go has taught millions of children around the world to speak English through its trusted methodology. It utilizes songs, chants, and exercises encouraging classroom interaction to keep students engaged and focused on learning. The fourth edition builds on the brand with a fully integrated phonics and reading programme. The Let’s Share social media campaign will build on author Barbara Sakamoto’s award-winning site, Teaching Village, by sharing free ideas, tips, resources, and webinars on topics requested by teachers.

Mortal Choas

Mortal Choas by Matt Dickinson (Oxford Education)

Bestselling writer and film-maker Matt Dickinson is only the fifth British climber ever to have scaled the north face of Mount Everest. He was therefore well placed to write this high-adrenaline adventure based on ‘the butterfly effect’—the theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of events. This multi-voiced narrative, that cuts between different strands of fast-paced action, was well received by teenage readers, especially boys. During February and March 2012, Matt visited more than 50 schools to talk about his enduring and sometimes dangerous passion for wild places and Mortal Chaos. OUP will be publishing two more Mortal Chaos novels over the next 18 months.

Oxford Digital: Recursos para el Profesor y el Aula

Oxford Digital: Recursos para el Profesor y el Aula (Resources for the Teacher and the Classroom) (OUP España)

A new collection of digital resources for secondary teachers, each DVD in the Recursos para el Profesor y el Aula series includes an enriched PDF students’ book and ready-to-print and multimedia resources necessary for preparing classes and for assessment purposes.

Oxford Online Learning Zone

Oxford Online Learning Zone (OUP España)

An access-controlled website for primary school children using Oxford’s English language teaching primary courses, which cover the four core skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The site includes a wide variety of online resources to help children with their English at home and at school, including interactive stories and songs, extra practice activities to accompany their course book, and a ‘Fun Zone’ area. There is also a support page for parents offering practical suggestions of ways in which they can encourage and consolidate their children’s learning.

Oxford Path

Oxford Path (OUP China)

Designed for the Hong Kong market—where a firm grasp of the English language is essential for future educational and career prospects—Oxford Path is a package of 40 connected stories with supplementary materials such as drama books, phonics activity books, flash cards, DVDs, CDs, and e-learning tools. Based on empirical research, it is the result of three years’ collaboration between OUP China’s editorial team and nine scholars and experts in English language teaching and child development. Parents signing up are expected to be actively involved in their children’s development and are given the opportunity to meet OUP China’s language consultants twice a year to ensure the children’s steady progress. There is also a service centre dedicated to the Oxford Path where parents can take advantage of seminars, workshops, and other educational activities.

Oxford Reading Tree Traditional Tales

Oxford Reading Tree Traditional Tales (Oxford Education)

A collection of 40 enchanting tales from around the world, which can be phonically decoded to enable children to read the stories themselves. Featuring award-winning authors and illustrators, Oxford Reading Tree Traditional Tales includes such traditional favourites as the Little Red Hen, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, and Mulan. Each tale includes a story map to help children with their own writing and storytelling, whilst there is a wealth of online support for the teacher including teaching notes, a selection of e-books, and professional storyteller videos.

Pathways: An Interactive Course in English

Pathways: An Interactive Course in English (OUP India)

Pathways: An Interactive Course in English provides a comprehensive curriculum for learners of English. It is a three-book package comprising a course book accompanied by an interactive CD, a workbook, and a literature reader. The course hones language skills through tasks that focus on listening for surface comprehension and specific details; speaking fluently and idiomatically; reading for surface and inferential comprehension; and writing accurately in formal and creative contexts. The series also provides teachers with integrated assessment tools to enable them to monitor the progress of their students.

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start—More Anthologies

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start—More Anthologies (Oxford Education)

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start offers older primary and lower secondary schoolchildren who have not made progress in their reading a second chance to catch up and become fluent readers. These seven new titles contain a variety of lively non-fiction, poetry, and fiction texts and also include quizzes, play scripts, and comic strips to motivate pupils to read for pleasure. They can be used alongside the Read Write Inc. Fresh Start Modules to help pupils to develop their reading and writing skills, and can also be used to supplement other reading programmes.

Read Write Inc. One-to-One Phonics Tutoring Kit

Read Write Inc. One-to-One Phonics Tutoring Kit (Oxford Education)

Developed with leading literary expert Ruth Miskin, this new kit contains everything a teacher needs for high-quality, one-to-one tuition for children who require extra help with learning to read. It is designed for use by both teachers and teaching assistants and contains a professional development DVD and handbook featuring advice from Ruth Miskin, four lively progress books which provide lots of practice activities in decoding sounds and words, plus all the essential materials from Read Write Inc. Phonics. The series aims to get all children reading by the age of 6.

School Based Assessment Packs

School Based Assessment Packs (Oxford Fajar, Malaysia)

Oxford Fajar was the first publisher to produce an innovative and useful product to help teachers to implement a new school-based assessment system. The resource pack consists of sets of worksheets for students and teachers, a question bank, a photo bank with audio component for science, and a teacher’s guide that maps performance standards against the curriculum learning standards. School Based Assessment Packs for Primary 1 were published in 2011/12 and packs for Primary 2 and Form 1 will appear in 2012/13. The new product has been well received by teachers and the Malaysian Examination Board.