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OUP Annual Report 2012/13


Key new education works


Ankur by Ashok Kumar, Kanta Bhatia, K B Tripathi (OUP India, Asia Education)

OUP India's first series for the teaching of Hindi language is designed to promote logical and scientific aptitude in students while learning the language in a systematic way. The lessons emphasize core values, and a scientific gradation helps the teachers to develop students' linguistic and communication skills. Ankur is an interactive course with links for local curricula. The package includes course books and workbook and has an accompanying e-book for teachers together with a teacher's manual for each level.

Canción para otra Navidad (A Carol for Another Christmas)

Canción para otra Navidad (A Carol for Another Christmas), by Vicente Muñoz Puelles (OUP España)

Released to coincide with the bicentenary of Charles Dickens’s birth and inspired by Dickens’s novel A Christmas Carol, this title aims to acquaint young Spanish readers with the work of the author. The plot follows the life of an early edition of Dickens’s original novel as it passes from one reader to the other, before ending its journey on Dickens’s bookshelf. The author has been awarded the National Prize for Young Readers Literature, and order to make the most of the book in the classroom, Oxford Educación offers online resources as well as ‘meet the author’ sessions in schools.

PNG Elementary English Program

PNG Elementary English Program (OUP Australia and New Zealand, Oxford Education)

Education is a key priority on Papua New Guinea (PNG) where literacy rates are less than 50 per cent. Previously, the syllabus required teachers to teach all subjects in the local language. Recent reforms mean the elementary curriculum will now be taught in English. OUP Australia and New Zealand took the opportunity to develop and publish an English programme for the elementary school population. Typically elementary teachers have poor qualifications and struggle to implement the current syllabus even using the local language, and are now asked to teach the same content in English, using an outcomes-based approach.

ELT titles for Saudi Arabia

ELT titles for Saudi Arabia (English Language Teaching)

After close consultation with Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education, a series of bespoke ELT titles were reversioned this year to meet the needs of the country’s schools market. Aim High KSA Edition (Grades 16); Look Up, KSA Edition (Grades 79); Aim High, KSA Edition (Grades 1012) were reworked to make them culturally appropriate, and in line with the country’s syllabus requirements. In addition to students’ books, OUP also supplied teachers’ books, a website for teachers and parents, and a teacher training programme. The adapted titles have now been adopted at primary, intermediate, and secondary levels.


Kamusi ya Kiswahili Sanifu 3e

Kamusi ya Kiswahili Sanifu 3e (OUP East Africa, Oxford Education)

OUP East Africa released the third edition of this monolingual Swahili dictionary in January 2013. First published in 1981 to satisfy the need for an authoritative standard Swahili dictionary, Kamusi ya Kiswahili Sanifu has served as a companion to millions of learners and scholars of Swahili language over the last three decades. The third edition is a culmination of intensive research and feedback from teachers, parents, students, and experts.

Living Faiths

Living Faiths (Oxford Education)

Living Faiths is a new Key Stage 3 religious education course which uses real-life case studies to present an in-depth look at how faiths are practised and lived in people’s daily lives. It encourages students to consider how faith affects the way real people live and the moral and ethical decisions they make. It is OUP’s first course to include the new online platform, OxBox Online and digital elements include specifically-commissioned films showing families featured in the student books, as well as ready-to-play lessons, assessments, and interactive worksheets.

Mis deberes de… (My homework/assignments of…)

Mis deberes de… (My homework/assignments of…) (OUP España)

This new digital product is a collection of digital interactive activities targeted at 12–14 year-old users of OUP España’s Spanish language and literature, social sciences, natural sciences, technology, and French textbooks. Mis deberes de… allows students to complete their homework at a computer, rather than on paper. Each collection of activities includes around 300 exercises, covering the annual curriculum of a given area. Activities are arranged in units following the content of the associated printed textbook. The series also incorporates a tracking functionality that helps the teacher correct, evaluate, and monitor the student’s learning progress.

Modern Geography (Physical and Human) for Swaziland Book 1

Modern Geography (Physical and Human) for Swaziland Book 1 (OUP South Africa, Oxford Education)

This title is part of a new series written to follow the new geography teaching syllabus in Swaziland. The authors are local subject-specialists with years of teaching experience in schools around Swaziland. To aid teaching of the syllabus, the book is divided into physical and human geography. The book’s exercises, revision sections, and assessments help teachers with teaching and learning in their classrooms. The knowledge provided by resident authors provides an in-depth analysis of local conditions, covering all aspects of the local geography.

My Learning Train

My Learning Train by Sonia Relia (OUP India, Asia Education)

My Learning Train
marks OUP India's first entry into the pre-school market, offering a series of learning tools including flash cards and audio-visual aids for students as well as support for teachers and parents, and comprises of the core subjectsEnglish, mathematics, and environmental awareness. The series aims to fulfil the needs of young learners through a variety of enjoyable activities that aid cognitive and psychomotor development. It is accompanied with support in the form of stickers, parent's handbook, digital resources in the form of an interactive e-book, and teacher's resource pack.

Oxford EAP: A course in English for Academic Purposes

Oxford EAP: A course in English for Academic Purposes (English Language Teaching)

Oxford EAP is the ELT division's first course for non-native speakers studying at university level using the medium of English. Available at three levels, the course integrates academic and communicative skills with academic language, and features authentic texts from academic and higher education books published by OUP. Oxford EAP helps students develop the skills and language to understand texts and lectures, write effectively, participate in seminars, and give presentations. The course improves study skills such as note-taking and encourages independent study, critical thinking, and reflection. It is supported with video and audio practice material, including video-based lecture extracts from University of Oxford academics.

Oxford Educate

Oxford Educate (OUP India, Asia Education)

The schools market in India has seen significant digital development in recent years and Oxford Educate provides resources for the rapidly-expanding market in the country. It combines interactive teaching and assessment tools with a range of digital learning materials and will be provided free to schools using OUP coursebooks. It was formally launched at the World Book Fair Delhi 2013, along with an online and offline marketing campaign across the country. Available for 15 of the major English, mathematics, computer science, science, and social studies courses, it is accompanied by a comprehensive test generator.

Oxford English: An International Approach GCE O Level Edition Workbook 4

Oxford English: An International Approach GCE O Level Edition Workbook 4 by Rachel Redford (OUP Pakistan, Asia Education)

This edition has been developed and adapted for students preparing for the GCE O-Level English Language examination. The selection of texts from various genres and the related tasks provide exposure to a range of vocabulary as well as practice in reading and writing; an additional unit has been developed specifically for examination practice. The workbook extends and reinforces concepts and skills addressed in the student book and the teacher's guide provides explanation, teaching guidelines, answers to the student book and workbook tasks, along with further practice assignments.

Oxford Phonics Spelling Dictionary

Oxford Phonics Spelling Dictionary (Oxford Education)

Written by specialist dictionary compilers in association with leading phonics consultant Debbie Hepplewhite, the Oxford Phonics Spelling Dictionary orders words by initial phonic sounds. Colourful illustrations and familiar characters from Oxford Reading Tree help make the text accessible and engaging, and the publication is further supported by free online resources and activities to give children opportunities to practice and improve their spelling skills. It is designed to help children prepare for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check in the UK.

Oxford Phonics World and Oxford Phonics World Readers

Oxford Phonics World and Oxford Phonics World Readers by Kaj Schwermer, Julia Chang, and Craig Wright (English Language Teaching)

Phonics teaching in primary and pre-primary classrooms is rapidly growing in popularity within English language teaching. This is particularly true in Asia where phonics instruction has proven an effective method for improving pronunciation and for teaching non-native speakers to read in English. Oxford Phonics World provides a guided introduction for young learners of English through an active learning approach. The wide range of activities help children to think carefully about what they learn, ensuring they actively learn to read, rather than just memorizing words and sounds. The course is accompanied by a range of graded readers which provide extra practice beyond the classroom.

Oxford Splash

Oxford Splash by Vanessa Reilly (OUP España)

In recent years there has been marked growth of pre-primary children learning English in Spain, and although not compulsory, English is now taught in more than 70 per cent of pre-schools across the country. Oxford Splash caters for children aged three to five, and is written by popular author Vanessa Reilly. Each of the characters in Oxford Splash has a particular trait that represents a different element of the language learning pedagogy that underpins the course and provides a relatable human characteristic. It is brought to life with flashcards, songs, animated stories, and games for interactive whiteboards.

Oxford Young Learners Placement Test

Oxford Young Learners Placement Test (English Language Teaching)

Designed for 712 year-olds, the Oxford Young Learners Placement Test accurately measures students' English language level online. The results help teachers to place young learners at the right level and target their teaching. This placement test establishes young learners' language abilities in a low-pressure and enjoyable way. The questions have been written by international young learners' assessment experts and pre-tested by children worldwide. Teachers can rely on the accurate numerical score and Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) level to place their students correctly. Each CEFR level also has a fun name with activity sheet and student report card, so students have a positive assessment experience no matter what level they are placed at.

Project X CODE

Project X CODE (Oxford Education)

Poject X CODE helps children struggling with reading at primary schools to catch up with their peers. With an approach that combines phonics and richer reading within an on-going adventure, Project X CODE teaches children how to read, and then keeps them reading. The carefully designed programme combines engagement and motivation for children, coupled with expert support for teachers and teaching assistants and has been proven to workin an independently analysed trial children made substantial and significant gains in their reading. In addition Project X CODE provides free professional development films, and free support for school leaders about key issues around struggling readers written by independent experts in the field.

Spotlight: A Multi-skill Course in English

Spotlight: A Multi-skill Course in English by Shefali Ray, Dr Vandana R Singh (OUP India, Asia Education)

This series is designed to enable effective learning, teaching, and testing of English as a second language, aiming to equip learners with the language skills and confidence needed to apply classroom learning to life outside the school. Following the holistic approach to language learning stipulated by the National Curriculum Framework, 2005, the books in this series provide opportunities for Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) woven into a varied range of exercises and activities. The course is supplemented by Teacher's Resources which in addition to printed materials also include interactive e-books and dynamic test generators.

The Complete Companions for AQA

The Complete Companions for AQA (Oxford Education)

The third editions of The Complete Companions for AQA A were published in response to specification changes for Psychology A-Level. Often known as the 'cat and dog books' due to their distinctive cover images, these best-selling titles are written by an expert team led by high profile authors Mike Cardwell and Cara Flanagan. These companions provide a range of resources for every learning style, including new product types for visual and auditory learners, and can be used independently or together to support the revised AQA A Psychology 2012 specification.

Winnie the Witch 25th Anniversary

Winnie the Witch 25th anniversary publishing (Oxford Education)

This year marked the 25th anniversary of publication of Winnie the Witch, the first picture book from Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul. To mark the anniversary many celebratory editions were published, as well as a new picture book title, Winnie's Dinosaur Day. In the last 25 years, the range has expanded to include 13 picture books, 13 fiction titles, activity books, sticker books, and more. The books are firmly established as a key character brand for children aged three to seven, who respond to the strong characters, highly detailed and inventive artwork, and wacky stories.

World Watch: Social Studies for Primary Schools

World Watch: Social Studies for Primary Schools by Eleanor Watts, Christine Moorcroft and Frances Mackay (OUP Pakistan, Asia Education)

Comprising pupil's books, a skills book, and teaching guides with lesson plans, this textbook series of five primary levels aims to develop students' ways of thinking and build a love of learning. All the books of this series are also accompanied by interactive CDs for students for each level. The approach is child-friendly, using stories and simple language to make new concepts easy to understand, and includes 3D illustrations.